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How to do acupuncture at home without needles using Aculife

Can You Do Acupuncture at Home without Needles?

The ancient Chinese knew something about healing – they practiced acupuncture. By inserting needles into specific points on the body, they could alleviate pain and heal sickness. Today, acupuncturists use stainless steel needles to achieve overall health and well-being. Acupuncture is a widely recognized complementary medicine with a high rate of success. What if you want to gain the same health success but aren’t so crazy about needles or making appointments? Can you do acupuncture at home without needles? The answer is yes.

Introducing Electronic Acupuncture

Instead of stainless steel needles being stuck all over your body, an electronic acupuncture device uses a handheld wand. This wand delivers electromagnetic impulses into specific areas called acupoints along the hand, wrist and palm. These acupoints correspond with various body functions so that you can easily treat a number of issues.

Your body is mapped out into several energy pathways and when one of these pathways becomes blocked, a health problem could result. Traditional acupuncture uses the needles to help release the blockage while electronic acupuncture uses the electromagnetic impulses delivered by the handheld wand to do the same.

Some electronic acupuncture devices come with a detailed hand acupoint map, which delineates exact organ and body functions. That way, there is no guesswork involved when you perform electronic acupuncture in the comfort of your own home. By consulting the hand map, which includes areas on the palm, top of the hand and even the wrist, you can be very specific when you deliver the electromagnetic impulses. See the body’s  acupuncture points mapped out on the hand below.


Acupoint Handmap – Front of Hand

Bonus Features of an Electronic Acupuncture Device

An electronic acupuncture device not only treats and provides relief; it also can serve as a diagnostic tool. When your device runs in diagnostic mode, the electromagnetic impulses delivered through the wand may cause a tingling sensation in certain areas of your hand. This typically occurs when you have an energy imbalance and potential blockage. If you refer to the accompanying hand map, you could pinpoint which body organ or function is potentially affected.

The results you get in the detect mode of your electronic acupuncture device can then be brought to your doctor. If you have been experiencing a myriad of symptoms without a particular cause, the results can lead your doctor to order specific tests to get a medical diagnosis much quicker. Knowing the right questions to ask can make all the difference in your health.

Whether you are healthy and just need a boost every once in a while or you have a recurring condition which requires daily relief, acupuncture can definitely help. And if you want your acupuncture without needles, you may want to invest in an electronic acupuncture device. You can treat and detect in your home on your own schedule, taking charge of your health and wellness.

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Treating Migraine Effectively with Aculife

Natural Migraine Relief Options – You Should Consider Adding Aculife Acupoint Therapy to the List

Migraine sufferers can easily tell the difference between a garden variety headache and the monster pain that seems to take over for a period of time. Sensitivity to light, nausea, throbbing or pulsating pain and increased pain with physical activity are just a few of the symptoms that signal the approach of a migraine. Prescription medications are available but they could have a detrimental effect over time on your health. You should consider some natural migraine relief options such as herbs, therapy and acupuncture instead.

What are the Common Natural Treatments for Migraines?

Herbs and supplements can help stave off a migraine. Feverfew is one of the most popular and has been used for years in Europe. Butterbur is another effective herb but must be used in a supplement as the raw form can be toxic. In both feverfew and butterbur use, you should not use them if you have an allergy to ragweed, chamomile, chrysanthemum or marigold.

Supplements like 5-HTP and Coen zyme Q10 are additional natural migraine relief options. The 5-HTP is compound made in the body and derived from the tryptophan amino acid. It is involved in the creation of melatonin and serotonin and supplements are primarily made using the seeds of an African plant. The Coen zyme Q10 is found naturally in the body and this compound is involved in creating energy at the cell level. When you have migraines, this Q10 may be in short supply within your body, thus the need for a supplement form.

Minerals like magnesium and vitamins like B12 can be helpful in decreasing the frequency of migraine occurrence. Massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, biofeedback practices and even the use of magnet therapy have shown promise in some migraine sufferers. One of the best alternative treatments around though that has proven results is acupuncture.

Traditional acupuncture involves the use of needles inserted at key acupoints along the body. The theory behind this practice is that the body is comprised of multiple channels that allow your life’s energy to flow. When one or more channels are blocked, this can cause a domino effect within your body, creating symptoms such as migraine pain. Acupuncture, in essence, releases those energy blockages to promote pain relief.

The good news is if you do not want to make multiple visits to an acupuncturist or you have an aversion to needles, there is an alternative. Electronic acupuncture uses the same treatment principles only instead of stainless steel needles, you wield a handheld wand which delivers electromagnetic wave impulses to key acupoints along your hand and palm. Acupoint devices, such as Aculife, often come with a map of the hand and palm so you can accurately pinpoint the correct areas that correspond to your migraine pain. See the Acupoint Chart for Migraine Treatment below.

Hand Acupoint Chart for Migraine Treatment

If repeated prescription medication use has you concerned about the long-term health ramifications, consider natural migraine pain relief methods. From herbs and massage therapy to biofeedback and electronic acupuncture, you have a number of options to try.

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Beat Insomnia with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist

Treating Your Insomnia with Aculife Electromagnetic Wave Therapy, an Electronic Form of Acupuncture

Electromagnetic wave therapy can help relieve your insomnia so you can get a good night’s sleep. This type of electronic acupuncture will help you get the rest you need through sleep.

People can get by with a night or two of little to no sleep without significant cognitive impairment. However, chronic sleep problems like insomnia can not only slow your mental and physical processes but it can also be detrimental to your health in the long run. While you can use over the counter and prescription sleep medications, do you really want to go through eventual withdrawals or that “drugged out” feeling? Electromagnetic wave therapy, sometimes called electronic acupuncture, is a great complementary self-treatment to consider for insomnia.

So what Causes Insomnia?

A variety of causes contribute to insomnia. Perhaps you are going through a stressful time at work or there has been a death in the family. Current medications you are taking can contribute too. Health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and heart ailments can all contribute to insomnia as well. Anxiety, a change in your daily schedule, the use of alcohol or caffeine before bed and even late night meals and snacks are contributors.

While simple diet and schedule changes can eliminate insomnia in some cases, other conditions are tougher to handle. Sometimes, there is a chemical imbalance in the brain. Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain, helps control your sleep cycles. When this hormone is not released correctly, insomnia can occur.

Melatonin is typically low in the morning but it gradually increases levels over the course of the day so that you become tired when you are supposed to and then fall asleep. If your circadian rhythm is thrown off in the slightest, your melatonin levels can fluctuate. Electronic acupuncture can help you re-establish a sleep pattern so you can get some sleep.

So What is Aculife Electromagnetic Wave Therapy?

View electromagnetic wave therapy as the electronic version of the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture. Instead of visiting a practitioner of acupuncture and getting stuck with dozens of needles, you can self-treat with a hand-held device. A wand delivers electromagnetic wave impulses to special acupoints on the left hand and palm that correspond with the sleep centers of the brain. These are shown below on the hand acupuncture chart.

Hand Acupoint Chart for Treating Insomnia

Imagine multiple pathways running through your body carrying life-sustaining energy, a belief the ancient Chinese based acupuncture on. What happens if one of those pathways becomes blocked? Some type of health condition, like insomnia, occurs. Electromagnetic wave impulses delivered by the electronic acupuncture device can break up those blockages. Devices like this come with an intricately detailed hand and palm map which indicates corresponding body functions. For instance, on the inside thumb area just above the first crease and the outside of the pinkie just below the cuticle are two key areas to stimulate to help break up the energy blockages preventing a normal night’s sleep. These blockages are the likely culprits preventing the pineal gland from properly producing and releasing melatonin.

Be sure to get a doctor’s health evaluation first to determine if you have a specific health condition that is causing your insomnia. Sometimes, electronic acupuncture is best as a complementary treatment for insomnia rather than the only treatment.

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Relieving Sinusitis with Aculife Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

Relieving your Sinusitis Without Drugs by Using Aculife Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

Electromagnetic wave therapy can help you find relief for your sinusitis. Electronic acupuncture is a great alternative therapy for any of your sinus problems.

The throbbing pain of the sinus cavities is perhaps the most problematic symptom of sinusitis. Sinus problems plague many people and are often caused by inflammation of the sinus cavities due to some type of infection. Stubborn colds often develop into sinusitis and often times, over the counter medications are simply not enough to find relief. Luckily, there is an alternative treatment for sinus problems using an electronic acupuncture device that employs electromagnetic wave therapy.

So what are the Classic Signs and Causes of Sinusitis?

When left unchecked, a cold virus in addition to out of control allergy symptoms can develop into sinusitis. Fungal, bacterial and viral infections besides the common cold also contribute to sinus problems. Nasal swelling, post-nasal drip, sore throat and coughing are a few signs. Pressure-like pain or throbbing of the sinus cavities are also problematic, resulting in tooth pain, facial tenderness and eye pain.

While antibiotics can help clear up bacterial infections, there are other measures that often are employed to alleviate the various forms of sinusitis. Saline nasal irrigation, a humidifier, nasal steroid sprays, over the counter pain relievers and plenty of fluids are often prescribed. However, if you want to hasten healing and relieve the throbbing sinus pain, electromagnetic wave therapy can help.

An Overview of Aculife Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

Based on the fundamentals of acupuncture, electromagnetic wave therapy is an electronic version of this revered ancient Chinese alternative therapy. Employing a portable gadget with a handheld wand instead of stainless steel needles, you can send healing electromagnetic wave impulses to key trigger areas called acupoints. These acupoints correspond with different areas of the body that relate to your sinusitis. This electronic acupuncture can help you resolve your sinus problems effectively and without the side effects of oral medication. The best treatment points for Sinusitis are shown in the Hand Acupoint Chart below.

Treatment Chart for Sinusitis

While traditional acupuncture uses the needles on specific areas all over the body from head to toe, this is not possible with the electronic form. Luckily, the hands and palms have corresponding acupoints for many body functions. Following an intricate hand and palm map that comes with the electronic acupuncture device of your choice, you can use the wand to deliver electromagnetic waves through the acupoints. Based on the ancient Chinese’s belief of energy pathways that connect throughout your body, the electromagnetic waves will help break through any energy blockages caused by your sinusitis.

The good news is that you can use an electromagnetic wave therapy device like Aculife on a number of health and wellness areas, not just sinusitis.

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence with Aculife

Aculife Electronic Acupuncture – A Non-Invasive Way to Treat your Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that you are not bound by erectile dysfunction (ED) medications alone for your occasional impotence? There is a non-invasive alternative called magnetic wave therapy or electronic acupuncture that can help you with your sexual problems in the bedroom. It is based on the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture.

So How Does Acupuncture Work?

With traditional acupuncture, stainless steel needles are inserted just under the skin at specific acupoints which tie into various body functions. The belief of the ancient Chinese who started this practice is that your body is comprised of different energy pathways called meridians. When illness or some biological problem occurs, one or more meridians become blocked. By stimulating the acupoints corresponding to the problem, you can remove the blockage and restore health.

Magnetic wave therapy or electronic acupuncture works on the same principle, only there are no needles used in treatment. Instead, a small handheld device is used which emits an electromagnetic pulse through a small wand. By touching the wand to specific acupoints along the left hand and palm, you can help break through the energy blockages within the body to treat your sexual problems.

So can you Self-Treat for Impotence?

Many doctors are now recognising that acupuncture truly does work as a complementary treatment to western medicine. So while you should always consult with your doctor in case you need medication, using an electronic acupuncture device is also important for your health. Thanks to a hand map that is included with most devices, you can accurately target specific areas of the body that may be the cause of your ED. An example handmap showing the best treatment points for impotence or ED is shown below.

 Acupoint Handmap for Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence may be caused by outside stressors like family dynamics or work but it can also just as easily be caused by other health problems or medications. Therefore, it is important to get an idea from your doctor as to the reason why your ED occurs. That way, you are more likely to choose the correct acupoints to stimulate on your hand or palm using your electronic acupuncture device.

Increasing libido and treating ED are not the only things that electronic acupuncture devices treat. Because there are multiple meridians that serve as energy pathways throughout your body, you will discover improvement in other areas of your health as well. Magnetic wave therapy may just set off a positive biological chain reaction in your body, improving not only your problems in the bedroom but also other conditions as well.

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Treating Infuenza Effectively with Aculife

Treating Influenza and Its Symptoms with Electronic Acupuncture

If you feel that you have a really bad cold, but the illness happened rather suddenly, chances are you have influenza. A cold develops gradually whereas the flu can happen within hours of exposure to the virus. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the flu, only stop gap treatments for its many symptoms. If you are weary about pumping yourself full of pain relievers and decongestants, consider Aculife electronic acupuncture to treat influenza and its symptoms.

So what are the Typical Flu Symptoms?

Influenza typically mimics many of the symptoms of the common cold: runny nose, sore throat, sneezing and nasal congestion. However, the flu throws in a few more factors such as fever, headache, aching muscles, sweat and chills and even dry coughing. Overall, the symptoms feel like a bad cold times ten or twenty, depending on the severity of the infection.

Because the flu is a viral infection, you basically have to let it run its course. However, you do not necessarily have to grimace and bear it though. Sure, you can take over the counter medications to alleviate some of the symptoms but they are only short term solutions. Electronic acupuncture has the ability to treat influenza and its symptoms without invasive medications.

The basic principles of acupuncture state that illness is nothing but energy blocked within the body. If you can unblock a particular energy pathway to restore flow, you will feel better. Traditional acupuncture uses tiny needles inserted along the body whereas the electronic version is in the form of a small handheld device with a wand that delivers electromagnetic wave impulses into specific points located on the hand and palm. These acupoints are shown on a hand map so that you can accurately pinpoint specific body functions. The best hand acupoints for treating influenza are shown below.

Treatment Acupoints for Influenza

When you treat the flu and its symptoms, look to the hand map to find which areas would be best manipulated by the electromagnetic impulses. For instance, if fatigue and respiratory issues plague you, you would stimulate the acupoints along the thumb, palm-side that correspond to those symptoms. Sore throat and coughing have specific acupoints on the palm-side just under the middle finger to the space between the middle finger and index finger. As long as you can read a map, you can follow the hand map included with an electronic acupuncture machine such as Aculife.

Consider purchasing an electronic acupuncture device, not only to treat influenza and its symptoms but also many other illnesses and health conditions as well. The Aculife device also has a diagnostic mode which can help detect undiagnosed illness. Electronic acupuncture can be done in your own home, at any time you wish which makes it a convenient and effective treatment tool for you.

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Acupressure versus Aculife

Acupressure is an age old technique for treating blocked meridians and restoring the body to its natural state of balance. It does, however, take some skill and training to perform acupressure effectively. There are different techniques involving pinching and twisting the skin or using the fingers to do tissue massage or tapping/pressing specific points. Again, the average person at home may have difficulty in performing these techniques effectively and therefore does not benefit from the well established therapeutic effects of the treatment. Some people may not have the dexterity required to stimulate the required points even if they know where they are. The real benefits of acupressure come from visiting with an acupressure specialist, particularly for patients that cannot entertain the idea of traditional acupuncture with needles. The only downside to this is the ongoing cost of therapy sessions and you cannot usually benefit from doing it at home.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to give up the idea of self-treatment at home to get the benefits of acupressure or traditional Chinese acupuncture. There is a treatment that can be done really effectively at home by the complete amateur. You need to use an electronic stimulation device called Aculife or to give it its full name – the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist. There are no needles invloved. This equipment has been in the market for close to ten years now and ordinary individuals all over the world can attest to its effectiveness for discovering problems in the body and for treating underlying conditions. Aculife detects blockages in the meridians by running a probe over the left hand and these acupoints correspond to different parts of the body. All treatment takes place on the left hand and so just about anybody can treat themselves without having to perform stretching or vigorous movement. Light stimulation on the hand with Aculife can clear the blockages in meridians as well as stimulating the body to produce endorphins to effectively block pain.

Aculife also acts as an early warning system for more serious problems and it allows you to make that crucial decision to go see your physician or medical specialist, before a problem gets out of hand. It is reasonably priced and can be used by the vast majority of people. For more information about how you can self-treat using Aculife at home and how to use it as a really good alternative to acupressure, take a look at this short video about how it works –  So What Exactly is Aculife? There is lots of more information about this wonderful therapy on this website that describes all the benefits of acupressure at home and at a fraction of the cost of regularly visiting an acupressure therapist.

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Soothe your Stomach Ulcer with the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

If you experience a burning or painful clawing sensation in the abdominal area that is especially awful within a few hours of eating, you likely have a stomach ulcer. While drinking milk or popping antacids can help pacify the ache temporarily, what do you do when the effects wear off? In addition to treatment by a medical professional, you need to find something that will help with the pain in the long-term as the ulcer heals. An electronic acupuncture device like the Aculife is an excellent complementary remedy that can soothe your stomach ulcer pain.

Typical Causes of Stomach Ulcers

Contrary to popular belief, an ulcer is not caused by stress or an improper diet full of sodas and spicy foods. Rather, the primary cause is typically an infection by specific bacteria called h. pylori. This bacteria weakens the protective layer in the stomach, thus allowing the corrosive stomach acids to form a sore, or ulcer.

Another cause of stomach ulcers is the long-term use of NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like over the counter pain relievers.  Of course, alcohol abuse, physical injury and cancer treatment like radiation can also contribute to the formation of ulcers. While it is important to get medical treatment, the medications involved may take a while to heal the ulcers as well as reduce the pain you experience during the healing process. It is for this reason why using a device like the Aculife can be so vital.

Electronic Acupuncture and Ulcers

A stomach ulcer means that one or more meridians in your body are likely blocked. When this happens, your life energy called qi cannot flow properly to allow for healing and pain relief. You can work to re-open these energy pathways by using the Aculife and directing its electromagnetic wave impulses into key acupoints in the hand and palm. With the hand map included with the device, you can accurately pinpoint the most vulnerable acupoints so that you experience optimal relief. Consider adding electronic acupuncture as a complementary treatment to soothe your stomach ulcer and promote healing.

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The Aculife Device and its Healing Principles of Yin Yang

Acupuncture has become an accepted complementary treatment for a variety of health conditions and with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, you can employ this treatment in the comfort of your own home. However, instead of needles, you use a handheld wand to deliver electromagnetic wave impulses into key acupoints in your hand. These acupoints link to key body functions, following the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang.

Defining Yin Yang

The ancient Chinese used Wu Sing, a philosophy based on the five elements of life, in their healing practices like acupuncture. They believed the five elements – earth, gold, water, wood and fire – represented the life energies that exist in all living things. Each one was considered contrasting forms of nature or an expression of Yin Yang.

Earth symbolises balance, regulating all the elements, and serves as the axis of the cycle of nature. It is at this time that the spring and summer energies of Yang segue into the autumn and winter Yin energies. Gold symbolises a state of cleansing and linked to autumn when life energies are cleansed and stored for the coming winter. Gold also stands for prosperity, wealth and warmth.

Water is linked to intense Yin energies and winter and represented by rest and tranquillity. This element is meditative and promotes good fortune. Wood represents the spring season and rebirth, specifically the start of Yang, a time of growth. Fire is the most potent of elements, symbolising the summer’s heat and verve, making it Yang energy at its strongest.

How It All Works

Following Yin Yang, each of the elements ties strongly into a principle organ of the body and also ties into balancing body part as well as an exterior manifestation. For example, with the Earth element, the primary organ is the spleen with the balance being the stomach and the external physicality being the muscle. Gold ties into the lungs balancing with the large intestine and the skin. Water directly links to kidneys, then the bladder and eyes for the external tie-in. Wood represents the liver, then the gall bladder and eyes. Finally, fire’s primary organ is the heart with the balance being the small intestine and the external part being the tongue.

Each primary organ ties into several major body functions. Therefore, when you self-treat with the Aculife device, you should determine your primary malady and then trace the problem back to one of the primary elements. Using the hand map that accompanies the device, you will then be able to pinpoint the correct acupoints and treat your condition and restore Yin Yang within your body.

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