Chronic Facial Pain – Aculife User’s Comment

The following is an unedited commentary from someone talking about their personal experience of dealing with chronic face pain using medication followed by switching to Aculife as a pain management tool.

“The beneficial impact Aculife has had on my life is little short of miraculous.  As a consequence of facial surgery I have chronic acute neuropathic pain. It affects the left side of my face from mid chin across the jaw, cheek area, ear region, both superficially and deeply. The nature of the pain has varied from an unbearable sensation like a broad iron band being tightened round my skull in the manner of  a medieval torture machine to a numb feeling in my upper and lower lips.”

“I have been attending a pain specialist, in whom I continue to have total confidence, since 2005 and my medical  treatment has been heavy duty medication to numb and hopefully realign brain pain sensors plus very heavy duty pain medication as complement.  As a result of the medication there has been a reduction in my brain function, something that I have been aware of to a certain extent in that for example, I lost a lot of my vocabulary and had trouble remembering things. Even with all the medication I would still get a lot of what’s known as breakthrough pain and, of course, there could be side effects to the drugs like stomach upsets.”

“I started to use Aculife in late January 2012 and within weeks I was weaned from medication.  Since then I have taken about 6 single pain killer tablets in total instead of renewing a major prescription every six or so weeks. My brain capacity feels restored and my overall energy is higher.  I started with treatment based on the hand map but now I’m using the handsfree kit. I’m not pain free but by comparison to the way I was, my overall sense of well-being makes it almost  as good as. The days between treatments without tablets or treatment are just so liberating.  God blessed that day in January I bumped into Niall Strickland.”


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