Acupressure versus Aculife

Acupressure is an age old technique for treating blocked meridians and restoring the body to its natural state of balance. It does, however, take some skill and training to perform acupressure effectively. There are different techniques involving pinching and twisting the skin or using the fingers to do tissue massage or tapping/pressing specific points. Again, the average person at home may have difficulty in performing these techniques effectively and therefore does not benefit from the well established therapeutic effects of the treatment. Some people may not have the dexterity required to stimulate the required points even if they know where they are. The real benefits of acupressure come from visiting with an acupressure specialist, particularly for patients that cannot entertain the idea of traditional acupuncture with needles. The only downside to this is the ongoing cost of therapy sessions and you cannot usually benefit from doing it at home.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to give up the idea of self-treatment at home to get the benefits of acupressure or traditional Chinese acupuncture. There is a treatment that can be done really effectively at home by the complete amateur. You need to use an electronic stimulation device called Aculife or to give it its full name – the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist. There are no needles invloved. This equipment has been in the market for close to ten years now and ordinary individuals all over the world can attest to its effectiveness for discovering problems in the body and for treating underlying conditions. Aculife detects blockages in the meridians by running a probe over the left hand and these acupoints correspond to different parts of the body. All treatment takes place on the left hand and so just about anybody can treat themselves without having to perform stretching or vigorous movement. Light stimulation on the hand with Aculife can clear the blockages in meridians as well as stimulating the body to produce endorphins to effectively block pain.

Aculife also acts as an early warning system for more serious problems and it allows you to make that crucial decision to go see your physician or medical specialist, before a problem gets out of hand. It is reasonably priced and can be used by the vast majority of people. For more information about how you can self-treat using Aculife at home and how to use it as a really good alternative to acupressure, take a look at this short video about how it works –  So What Exactly is Aculife? There is lots of more information about this wonderful therapy on this website that describes all the benefits of acupressure at home and at a fraction of the cost of regularly visiting an acupressure therapist.

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