Breeze Eye Massager

around-eyes-v1Based on the theory of channel acupuncture in Chinese medicine, the Breeze Eye Massager generates multiple frequency micro-currents, which stimulate important acupuncture points in the eye and brain. It stimulates capillary vessels, as well as cells in both the eye and brain. This in turn accelerates the microcirculation of the blood and increases the oxygen supply. Some of the benefits of this treatment include reduction in wrinkles around the eyes and removal of eye bags and black eyes. As well as eliminating eyestrain, it is believed that it can both prevent and cure mild myopia by preventing the axis oculi from stretching and distorting. Many people also report that it has helped to cure insomnia when used for 15 minutes at bedtime.

air-cushion-massageThe Breeze Eye Massager straps onto your head just like an over-sized set of spectacles. It is light in weight and comfortable to wear. There are 3 different settings which can be used any two at one time. Firstly, there is an air cushion which massages the eyes and surrounding tissue as it inflates and deflates. Secondly, the cushion heats up creating a warming and relaxing sensation within the eye cavity area. Thirdly, it generates a multi-frequency vibration wave that relaxes the brain and induces restful sleep.


on-computerWe have been selling this product for more than 8 years and customer feedback has been universally positive, particularly from customers that frequently use computers in their work as well as long distance drivers and people that suffer from insomnia. We sell it for just $95.