The High Cost of Experimenting with Lotions and Creams

Your skin is not a one-size fits all in terms of lotions and creams. Sometimes, your skin may be oily and other times dry. The wrinkles around your mouth may require different skin products than the ones around your neck or eyes. Beauty products are expensive, particularly if you do not get the right products the first or even second time around. The one constant you would be able to count on is electronic acupuncture if you incorporated it into your beauty routine.

A device like the Aculife can help relax the tense muscles in your face causing wrinkles. Delivering electromagnetic wave impulses through a handheld wand, electronic acupuncture can target specific areas that need treatment the most. It can even help treat dark circles under the eyes, clear up acne and more.

Understanding Electronic Acupuncture

The Chinese have used traditional acupuncture with needles for thousands of years to treat many ailments. Stimulating specific acupoints to unblock energy pathways is the goal of acupuncture and with the electronic version, electromagnetic impulses are delivered through a handheld wand instead.

There are acupoints located in the hand, wrist and palm which correspond to particular beauty areas you want to target. For instance, dry or oily skin may be caused hormonal fluctuations so you would aim the electromagnetic wand to the area on the hand that corresponds with hormone function. Allergies can cause dark circles so the electronic acupuncture device would be directed to the appropriate targeted area. With the accompanying hand map that comes with these devices, finding the correct acupoints to stimulate is easy. And there is an Aculife book that can help provide suggested advice for a number of ailments and overall wellness.

Anti-aging products for wrinkles and other skin care can still be used in conjunction with electronic acupuncture. However, you will discover that you may use less product, the longer you use a device like the Aculife. As a side benefit, when you purchase your own electronic acupuncture device, you can treat a number of health issues as well as use it as a diagnostic tool.