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How Hand Acupoints Correspond to Illness

Could it truly be possible to detect medical problems via a scan of hand acupoints? If you think this sounds like science fiction, think again. Ear and hand acupoints correspond to the six of 12 meridians identified by ancient Chinese medical practitioners. These meridians are actual pathways to various organs and systems of the body. The body’s energy, or chi, flows along these meridians. An imbalance of energy is the cause of illness.

Hand Acupoints: Old Medicine Becomes New

For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using stimulation of the palm and ear to diagnose illness. It is not a new concept; rather, it is based on traditional Oriental theories of health, wellness, anatomy, and physiology. What is new is the modern technology used to create a device that relies on scientific methodology to detect, diagnose, and treat medical problems.

The concept is that electro-magnetic signatures correspond to various organs and parts of the body. When there is a problem, the electro-magnetic signature is lower than normal, indicating an imbalance of positive and negative energy (yin and yang), or illness. This produces a tingling sensation in the hand.

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