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Can Aculife Help with Panic Attacks?

If you have ever had intense feelings of anxiety come upon you suddenly accompanied by rapid heart rate, sweating, chills, hyperventilation, chest pain, throat tightening and more, you have experienced a panic attack. Medications and psychotherapy are common treatments and while they do work, they are not a one-size fits all kind of solution. Magnetic acupuncture can help bridge the gap in your treatment options. Also known as electronic acupuncture, this magnetic form is based on the ancient principles of acupuncture which involve inserting tiny needles into specific acupoints along the body. The goal is to manipulate certain spots to unblock trapped energy in your body. With a panic disorder, chances are you have a lot of negative energy building up in your body and the only way it had been released has been through panic attacks. What if you can head those panicky feelings and manifestations off at the pass?

Acupoint Therapy

With a magnetic acupuncture device like the Aculife, you can treat without needing to see a professional acupuncturist or juggle medications and psychotherapy treatments. This hand-held device uses a wand to direct electromagnetic wave impulses into specific acupoints located on your hand and palm. An accompanying hand map pinpoints specific body functions which may contribute to your panic disorder.

Studying your Panic Disorder for your Treatment Plan

Study your own reactions when you experience a panic attack. What happens to you may not happen to others with a panic disorder. If you become nauseous and have chest pains, you will want to target the acupoints on the hand that deal w your heart function and digestive system. With a rapid heart rate, hyperventilation or even a sense of impending doom, you would target the acupoints on the hand and palm dealing with the circulatory and nervous system.

The beauty of the Aculife Magnetic Wave device is that you can directly treat the areas in which the symptoms are manifested in your panic disorder. Medications and even psychotherapy cannot always be that successfully direct, although they do help. Electronic acupuncture can be a very effective complementary therapy for your panic disorder.

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Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist a Great Diagnostic and Treatment Tool

Thanks to plenty of scientific studies, acupuncture has found legitimacy as a treatment option for a variety of ailments from chronic pain to sleep problems to weight control. However, what if you are ready for an alternative treatment but do not look forward to tiny needles being inserted into your body? Devices like the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist can help.

Instead of tiny needles being inserted into acupoints that correspond to specific parts of your body, you use the wand of the Aculife device to deliver electromagnetic wave impulses to the acupoints in the hand and palm. In fact, not only can you treat a specific condition by following the hand and palm map that comes with the device, you can also use it as a medical diagnostic tool as well. (We don’t advocate using it in lieu of a doctor’s advice however!)

Diagnosing Health Problems

If you read testimonials or an Aculife review, you will find out that many people discovered they had a previously undiagnosed health problem that was eventually verified by a doctor. When you put the magnetic wave therapist device in the detect mode and follow the directions, you may feel a prickling sensation over certain areas. This could be an indicator that something is going on within that acupoint’s corresponding body part.

Basically, you calibrate your device by placing the wand against the skin of your left thumb near the cuticle, an area that Chinese medical practitioners call “Shao Shang.” When the body is in balance, the area should be prickling when you touch it with the wand of the Aculife. You then run the wand over different areas of your left hand and palm. If you feel any tingling sensations similar to or above what you felt in the “Shao Shang” area, mark that particular acupoint with a marker and continue on with your diagnostics. You can come back to that area later for treatment or determine the corresponding acupoint and talk to a physician.

Keep in mind that acupoints have multiple reference points in the body. Therefore, having a tingling sensation in your hand or palm once or twice is likely not cause for concern. However, if you have multiple tingling points and they all are related to one particular body function on an ongoing basis, this might be an indication that you should visit your doctor for an examination and testing to see if there is indeed a medical problem.

While you should not use an electromagnetic wave device as your sole diagnostic and treatment option, it makes for a great complement to traditional medicine. In fact, if you suspect you have an underlying health condition, you can gear your questions to your doctor based on your Aculife findings. You are more likely to get answers faster if your doctor knows where to start testing and officially diagnosing a health condition. Practising electromagnetic wave therapy on a regular basis can be a great way to keep up your good health as well a a way to potentially thwart health problems.

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Natural Allergy Relief – Acupoint Therapy

Millions of people seek allergy relief each year, especially in the spring when flowers bloom and grass and tree pollen are at an all time high. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry is booming during these times. If you are tired of taking medications that may or may not work to stifle your allergic reactions to pollen or even other allergens like pet dander, mould and dust, electromagnetic wave therapy is a great alternative. It’s acupuncture but without needles.

Science behind Allergic Reactions

Microscopic particles of pollen, mood, dust and even environmental pollutants are viewed as invaders of the body when inhaled. These irritants trigger an immunological response, causing the white blood cells to attack. The result is a release of histamines which kick off allergy symptoms such as itchy eyes as well as nasal congestion, sneezing and runny nose. The typical over the counter or prescription allergy relief remedy is antihistamines in the form of pills or nasal sprays.

How Acupuncture Can Work

Based on the principles of acupuncture, there are acupoints along the body which correspond to various body functions. When you employ electromagnetic wave therapy such as the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist device, you use the principles of acupuncture, only without the needles. The ancient Chinese believed that the lungs are tied to your immunological function as well as sinus and respiratory functions. By stimulating the corresponding acupoint areas, you can treat the problem and realise allergy relief.

Using a wand to deliver the electromagnetic wave impulses, you must touch specific areas on your left hand which correspond with respiratory function as well as eyes and nose functions, depending on your specific allergy relief needs. You can adjust the wave lengths based on the depth of nasal inflammation and other allergic reactions as well as your own comfort level.

If you are pregnant, electromagnetic wave therapy is not recommended. And, even though electromagnetic wave therapy is typically safe, it is important to investigate potential underlying conditions with a doctor before self-diagnosing. However, if you are beleaguered by normal seasonal allergies, electronic acupuncture is a good alternative therapy for basic allergy relief as well as help with other health and wellness areas as well.

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What Does Aculife Do?

Aculife’s Magnetic Wave Therapist is getting an increasing amount of coverage for its many uses. Aculife Testimonials from professionals and from consumers make it evident that this device can do a lot for pain, particular medical issues, enhancing overall health, and even to help diagnose medical problems.

Watch the video below to learn more about the technology and the testimonials

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How Hand Acupoints Correspond to Illness

Could it truly be possible to detect medical problems via a scan of hand acupoints? If you think this sounds like science fiction, think again. Ear and hand acupoints correspond to the six of 12 meridians identified by ancient Chinese medical practitioners. These meridians are actual pathways to various organs and systems of the body. The body’s energy, or chi, flows along these meridians. An imbalance of energy is the cause of illness.

Hand Acupoints: Old Medicine Becomes New

For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using stimulation of the palm and ear to diagnose illness. It is not a new concept; rather, it is based on traditional Oriental theories of health, wellness, anatomy, and physiology. What is new is the modern technology used to create a device that relies on scientific methodology to detect, diagnose, and treat medical problems.

The concept is that electro-magnetic signatures correspond to various organs and parts of the body. When there is a problem, the electro-magnetic signature is lower than normal, indicating an imbalance of positive and negative energy (yin and yang), or illness. This produces a tingling sensation in the hand.

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