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Acupoint Therapy Benefits For Helping Recovering Stroke Patients

Acupoint Therapy Benefits For Helping Recovering Stroke Patients
By []N. Strickland

There have been a number of studies conducted in China and Japan which showed that stroke patients who undergo acupuncture treatments not long after having a stroke are more likely to recover more of their affected faculties than others without the treatment. While acupuncture is not as mainstream in some parts of the world like the U.S., it is slowly becoming an accepted form of treatment. After all, the Chinese have followed the practice for thousands of years with success.

There are even personal portable devices that deliver acupoint therapy, emitting electromagnetic impulses to acupuncture points in your hands, thereby bypassing the thin, fine needles of traditional acupuncture. Stroke patients can benefit from this type of therapy.

Problems with Stroke Patients

A stroke is sometimes referred to as an attack on the brain. A blood clot basically blocks an artery, interrupting blood flow to portions of the brain. A blood vessel could also break, causing the same problem. When a stroke occurs, brain cells can die, creating brain damage. Unfortunately, the body functions that lie in those dying area are also affected and may become lost permanently. Memory, speech and movement are most often affected.

Some people do recover fully in time after a stroke while others may experience muscle weakness or minor speech or memory problems. Larger strokes may cause more profound damage such as losing the ability to speak or paralysis on one side of the body. In time, physical therapy and medications can help recover some physical ability. However, by introducing Chinese medicine like acupuncture soon after the stroke, patients may be able to greatly improve their chances of recovery. If patients are sensitive or squeamish about needles, acupoint therapy using electromagnetic wave impulses can be equally effective.

How Acupoint Therapy Works on Stroke Patients

The hand has six meridian points or pathways in which the body’s life energy flows. Within these meridians, there is an intricate system of connections called acupoints (acupuncture points) which tie into various body functions and organs. With stroke patients, it is hard to keep circulation open, especially when some nerve pathways have closed down. By stimulating certain acupoints using electromagnetic wave impulses, stroke patients can increase circulation to the extremities, boosting mobility and easing pain and numbness.

Basically, this electronic form of acupuncture can ramp up endorphins in the body responsible for easing pain and helping the body relax. The nervous system can be specifically targeted with acupoint therapy, keeping pathways of the nerves open and the nerves firing. The electromagnetic wave impulses released through electronic acupuncture devices can also open blood vessels, providing better blood flow which in turn decreases the chances of blood clots and a repeat stroke performance.

Acupoint therapy is an excellent way to improve the quality life in stroke patients. While not a cure all, it is definitely one of the best ways to augment any treatment protocols the doctor prescribes.

N Strickland is a former cancer patient who is thankfully now in remission. He has a keen interest in pain management, most particularly using alternative therapies. To get more information on hand acupoints and Electro-Acupuncture for recovering stroke patients, visit one of N. Strickland’s sites. Visit the []Aculife Blog or read the []Aculife book for more info.

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