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Natural Hotflash Remedies – Aculife NO-NEEDLES Acupuncture at Home

Some lucky women go through menopause without the typical hot flashes, personal dryness and other symptoms. However, they are in the minority. If you are taking hormone replacement therapy or following natural herbal methods without adequate relief, consider electronic acupuncture. It is a non-invasive way to treat your symptoms of menopause in the comfort of your own home.

A Brief Overview of Acupuncture and Its Electric Origins

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture uses stainless steel needles inserted into various acupoints along the body which correspond to particular functions. However, with the electronic form like the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, there are no needles.

The theory behind acupuncture is that your body is comprised of various energy pathways called meridians. And if one of these pathways becomes blocked, it is likely due to illness, injury or natural biological phenomenon like menopause. The goal of acupuncture is to stimulate particular acupoints that correspond to the affected body parts to release the blockage to restore proper energy flow.

When you use the Aculife device, electromagnetic pulses are delivered through acupoints in the palm and hand, using a handheld wand. In the case of hot flash remedies, you would simply follow the useful hand map that accompanies the device to pinpoint the best areas to treat menopausal symptoms. It is important to note that you also want to treat balancing points as well. For instance, if you treat the area on the palm tied to gynecological function, you would also want to treat blood pressure and skin condition areas on the backside of the hand since some of the symptoms of menopause include blood pressure issues and skin breakouts.

Simple and Affordable

Acupuncture is now considered a legitimate complementary treatment for many ailments. However, if you would rather not be stuck by needles or don’t want to pay for repeat visits to a practiced acupuncturist, invest in the Aculife Therapist device instead. For the cost of just a few acupuncturist visits, you can have an electronic puncture device you can use in the comfort of your own home, according to your schedule. Treating hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms has never been easier or effective than with the Aculife.

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What Does Aculife Do?

Aculife’s Magnetic Wave Therapist is getting an increasing amount of coverage for its many uses. Aculife Testimonials from professionals and from consumers make it evident that this device can do a lot for pain, particular medical issues, enhancing overall health, and even to help diagnose medical problems.

Watch the video below to learn more about the technology and the testimonials

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The Origins of the Aculife Therapist

The electromagnetic wave therapy offered by the Aculife magnetic wave therapist device is effective for a variety of ailments and illnesses, as per the discoveries of many important scientists and medical practitioners of centuries past.

Truly the evolvement of the Aculife Therapist goes back thousands of years to the practice of Chinese acupuncture. The Chinese identified the system of energy running through the human body and mapped its coordinates between organs and systems and points on the hands and feet. These 12 meridians provide access to the body’s energy, or chi, via pressure from massage or needles.

It was back in the late 18th century that the connection between electrical currents and nerves was first discovered. Beginning with experiments on frogs, and then later on people, it was proven that the human body responds to electromagnetic waves. In 1859, the first scientist used an instrument providing a galvanic response to treat nervous system disease.

By the mid 20th century, electricity was common nearly everywhere. It was then that Dr. Nakatani Yoshio experimented with acupuncture points in response to a direct current resistor to measure human electric current. It was determined that traditional acupuncture points corresponding to various parts of the body were linked, and they proved to be excellent conductors. This, in turn, led to the later development of a device specifically created to test electrical response and deliver electromagnetic wave therapy.

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How the Aculife Palm Chart is Based on Acupuncture and Meridian Points

The Aculife palm chart is a very accurate representation of all systems, tissues, and organs of the human body. There are six main acupressure meridians that can be found on the hands and stimulation to various combinations of these points can affect a very positive result for any number of illnesses and ailments.

Yin and Yang and the Aculife Palm Chart

In ancient Chinese medical philosophy, energy, or chi, flows through the body along selected pathways. These pathways are referred to as meridians. The meridians connect various systems of the body which can be accessed via acupoints. This interconnectivity creates a balance between organs, represented as yin and yang. The following is a simple overview of relations between an internal organ, its balancing element, and the external organ:

Spleen – Stomach – Muscle

Lung – Large Intestine – Skin

Kidney – Bladder – Hair

Liver – Gallbladder – Eyes

Heart – Small Intestine – Tongue

Any imbalance results in a problem that manifests itself as pain or discomfort. In addition, each organ is responsible for various bodily functions and directly impacts others. These are as follows:

Spleen – Appetite; stomach; immune system

Lung – Respiratory system; immune system; allergies, energy

Kidney – Water removal; bones and calcium; sexual organs; ears; endocrine system

Liver – Eyes; tendons, muscles and veins; stroke; heart nutrition

Heart – blood circulation; metabolism; arteries; blood pressure; stress; mental illness; brain

The Aculife Palm Charts Identifies Acupoints That Offer Relief

Those of us who have been trained to look to the direct source for a medical problem, e.g. depression occurs in the brain, may find such associations odd. The truth is that the methodology behind Chinese acupuncture and medicine takes a holistic approach to healthcare that has been proven accurate and effective through the ages.

For instance, few of us would consider stimulation of the back of the ring finger, inside of the pinky, and at points along the palm to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. Yet, this is exactly where the Aculife palm chart shows acupoints to relieve this symptom. Modern medical doctors often attribute dark under eye circles to an allergy, which perfectly corresponds with the relationship shown above.

The full Aculife palm chart is part of the instruction booklet that comes with each Aculife Electromagnetic Wave Therapist device. It gives detailed illustrations with clear directions as to what acupoints should be stimulated to relieve pain and alleviate common problems. Although there are only six meridian points in the hands, the complex network of connections requires that various acupoints receive treatment. It may take some time to completely overview the device and its instructions, but it is worth it. The Aculife Therapist is beneficial for almost anyone. For more info check out the Aculife Book or Buy Aculife.

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