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Use Magnetic Wave Therapy to Solve Tinnitus

Use Magnetic Wave Therapy to Solve Tinnitus
By N. Strickland

If you have attempted various treatments for your tinnitus with no discernible relief, consider trying electromagnetic wave therapy. Electronic acupuncture devices use the principles of acupuncture to realign your body energy to garner relief for a variety of conditions. It likely can help you alleviate the ringing noise you hear.

About Tinnitus

Ringing is not the only noise that consistently or intermittently sounds in your ears. Tinnitus can also present itself as clicking, hissing, whistling or even roaring sounds. These noises may be a single tone or multiple tones in addition to being very light to very jarring. Sometimes, it is a simple treatable condition like excessive ear wax or a sinus infection that causes tinnitus. However, there are other possible culprits that may or may not be alleviated with medical intervention.

Noise induced hearing loss and extreme noise exposure both can cause tinnitus. Heart conditions can contribute to this condition as can a misalignment of the jaw joints or muscles. Neck and head trauma, tumors, certain medications, thyroid conditions, fibromyalgia and even lyme disease can all present tinnitus. Treatment may be prescription medications, sound therapy, cognitive therapy, cochlear implant, biofeedback, herbal remedies or a combination of all of them. While you may experience relief to some degree, introducing electromagnetic acupuncture to your treatment regiment can help you better cope with tinnitus.

How Electromagnetic Acupuncture Can Help

Acupuncture involves the manipulation of different acupuncture points, sometimes referred to acupoints, to redirect the flow of energy throughout your body. The ancient Chinese believed that many health conditions were a result of an imbalance of life energy called chi. The pathways of this energy become blocked and by inserting fine needles in this acupuncture points, a new balance could be achieved. If you are like many people though, the thought of needles can be rather shuddering. That is why electromagnetic acupuncture is such a benefit.

Using the same principles as acupuncture, this type of device could be used to emit electromagnetic impulses of varying wavelengths which will trigger those acupoints. The hand has dozens of these points so you can easily self-treat your tinnitus using this portable machine. There are specific areas of the hand which target your hearing so by stimulating them, you can rebalance your chi in addition to regaining a feeling of overall well-being.

Tinnitus does not have to rule your days. With the help of electromagnetic acupuncture, you can redirect your life energy and silence those irritating sounds in your ears.

Aculife’s Magnetic Wave Therapist can be used to solve a plethora of health issues and can even be used to diagnose medical problems. Many testimonials have revealed life-changing and life-saving stories related to using Aculife for home-based acupuncture without needles.

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The Origins of the Aculife Therapist

The electromagnetic wave therapy offered by the Aculife magnetic wave therapist device is effective for a variety of ailments and illnesses, as per the discoveries of many important scientists and medical practitioners of centuries past.

Truly the evolvement of the Aculife Therapist goes back thousands of years to the practice of Chinese acupuncture. The Chinese identified the system of energy running through the human body and mapped its coordinates between organs and systems and points on the hands and feet. These 12 meridians provide access to the body’s energy, or chi, via pressure from massage or needles.

It was back in the late 18th century that the connection between electrical currents and nerves was first discovered. Beginning with experiments on frogs, and then later on people, it was proven that the human body responds to electromagnetic waves. In 1859, the first scientist used an instrument providing a galvanic response to treat nervous system disease.

By the mid 20th century, electricity was common nearly everywhere. It was then that Dr. Nakatani Yoshio experimented with acupuncture points in response to a direct current resistor to measure human electric current. It was determined that traditional acupuncture points corresponding to various parts of the body were linked, and they proved to be excellent conductors. This, in turn, led to the later development of a device specifically created to test electrical response and deliver electromagnetic wave therapy.

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Non-Invasive Radio Wave Therapy Diagnosis for a Variety of Ailments

You might be wondering exactly how radio wave therapy diagnosis works to detect and identify illness and ailments. While it is based on theories extending from ancient Chinese medical concepts, such as the energy vortices throughout the body and acupuncture therapy related to meridian points, there is a scientific explanation that focuses on biomedical fact instead of yin and yang.

What is Radio Wave Therapy Diagnosis?

Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Radio wave therapy is also often referred to as electromagnetic radiation therapy. In simple terms, electromagnetic radiation carries energy.

For therapy purposes, waves of energy particles, or photons, are emitted via a device with an oscillating electric charge. The frequency of the wave determines the type, whether radio, micro, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma waves, or an x-ray. They all travel at the same speed, regardless of frequency or wavelength. The frequency of the electromagnetic wave determines the amount of energy in the photons.

An important consideration of the types of radiation used in therapy is whether or not it is ionizing. Ionizing atoms are capable of breaking chemical bonds and can be harmful. Radio waves such as those emitted by medical therapy devices are non-ionizing; they merely produce low levels of heat.

Radio Wave Therapy Diagnosis and the Human Body

Human body tissue and organs all produce energy. Healthy tissue radiates a normal level of electrical energy. Illness is reflected by a lower electromagnetic signature, in the form of tingling at the acupoint – feedback from an electrical impulse. This is how an electrical device can diagnose any number of ailments.

Therapy occurs when higher levels of radiation are dispersed into the body, then absorbed. Molecules vibrate, creating heat. The organs will not burn up; there is enough blood in the body to dissipate this heat. Instead, electromagnetic waves cause improved blood circulation, boost the immune system, and positively affect metabolism.

When using radio wave therapy diagnosis, there are no side effects. This is a non-invasive form of diagnostic aid that is extremely accurate. Although it is based on ancient Oriental medical principles, it is a very modern way to quickly detect, and treat, a variety of ailments.

Read the Aculife Book to learn more.

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How Hand Acupoints Correspond to Illness

Could it truly be possible to detect medical problems via a scan of hand acupoints? If you think this sounds like science fiction, think again. Ear and hand acupoints correspond to the six of 12 meridians identified by ancient Chinese medical practitioners. These meridians are actual pathways to various organs and systems of the body. The body’s energy, or chi, flows along these meridians. An imbalance of energy is the cause of illness.

Hand Acupoints: Old Medicine Becomes New

For thousands of years, the Chinese have been using stimulation of the palm and ear to diagnose illness. It is not a new concept; rather, it is based on traditional Oriental theories of health, wellness, anatomy, and physiology. What is new is the modern technology used to create a device that relies on scientific methodology to detect, diagnose, and treat medical problems.

The concept is that electro-magnetic signatures correspond to various organs and parts of the body. When there is a problem, the electro-magnetic signature is lower than normal, indicating an imbalance of positive and negative energy (yin and yang), or illness. This produces a tingling sensation in the hand.

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