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Can Aculife Help with Panic Attacks?

If you have ever had intense feelings of anxiety come upon you suddenly accompanied by rapid heart rate, sweating, chills, hyperventilation, chest pain, throat tightening and more, you have experienced a panic attack. Medications and psychotherapy are common treatments and while they do work, they are not a one-size fits all kind of solution. Magnetic acupuncture can help bridge the gap in your treatment options. Also known as electronic acupuncture, this magnetic form is based on the ancient principles of acupuncture which involve inserting tiny needles into specific acupoints along the body. The goal is to manipulate certain spots to unblock trapped energy in your body. With a panic disorder, chances are you have a lot of negative energy building up in your body and the only way it had been released has been through panic attacks. What if you can head those panicky feelings and manifestations off at the pass?

Acupoint Therapy

With a magnetic acupuncture device like the Aculife, you can treat without needing to see a professional acupuncturist or juggle medications and psychotherapy treatments. This hand-held device uses a wand to direct electromagnetic wave impulses into specific acupoints located on your hand and palm. An accompanying hand map pinpoints specific body functions which may contribute to your panic disorder.

Studying your Panic Disorder for your Treatment Plan

Study your own reactions when you experience a panic attack. What happens to you may not happen to others with a panic disorder. If you become nauseous and have chest pains, you will want to target the acupoints on the hand that deal w your heart function and digestive system. With a rapid heart rate, hyperventilation or even a sense of impending doom, you would target the acupoints on the hand and palm dealing with the circulatory and nervous system.

The beauty of the Aculife Magnetic Wave device is that you can directly treat the areas in which the symptoms are manifested in your panic disorder. Medications and even psychotherapy cannot always be that successfully direct, although they do help. Electronic acupuncture can be a very effective complementary therapy for your panic disorder.

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