Ease Vertigo Suffering with Acupoint Therapy

Have you ever had the feeling of being on a tilt-a-whirl at a carnival, only you were absolutely still? This type of sensation is known as vertigo and likely involves problems in the inner ear. There are a variety of causes so it is important to be examined by a medical doctor to pinpoint the culprit. However, once you have a diagnosis and have started a prescribed medical remedy, you can add an acupoint therapy device like the Aculife as a complementary treatment to ease vertigo suffering.

Understanding Vertigo

Vertigo happens when there is a mix-up in interpreting signals in the brain that were sent there by various sensory processes in the body. Your vision, nerves involved in motor movement and even the microscopic cells in the inner ear that detect movement and change in position all send signals to the brain and if communication from one or more of them gets jumbled up, vertigo occurs. Nausea is often a side effect.

Migraine headaches and injury to the head or ear can cause the dizzying spinning sensations as can simple ear infections. However, there are also diseases like Ménière’s which deal with fluid imbalances in the inner ear, or vestibular neuritis which involves inflammation of the inner ear nerves that can also be the problem. Even excessive use of alcohol and certain drugs or the withdrawal from them are contributors. While there are some medical treatments that can ease the suffering of vertigo, electronic acupuncture can help too.

Electronic Acupuncture and Vertigo

Because the basis of acupuncture is striving for qi, the balance of life energy within the body, it makes sense to look to this ancient Chinese treatment. Your qi is blocked in one or more areas of the body contributing to vertigo, and Westernized medicine may not always adequately reach these areas. However, by treating yourself with the Aculife acupoint therapy device, you can make great strides in easing your vertigo suffering.

You can use the accompanying hand map to pinpoint the best areas on the hand and palm in which to direct the Aculife’s electromagnetic wave impulses. While it may take a few sessions, this electronic form of acupuncture can help your body make sense of the signals being sent to your brain so that you can regain your balance and ease the nausea and dizziness of vertigo. It is necessary to remember that the Aculife should be used as a complementary treatment for vertigo, and seeing a doctor for a definitive cause is important.

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