Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In what specific countries is Aculife available?

We are aware of Aculife being supplied to many customers in the following list of countries, although there may not be a distributor or retail store in each location:

El Salvador
Faro Islands
Gabon Republic
Hong Kong

New Zealand
Papua New Guinea

Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
United Arab Emirates
United States
New Caledonia

How does Aculife work?

Magnetic Wave Therapy improves blood circulation by magnetizing the blood and by increasing the amount of oxygen contained therein. This has a positive effect on the body’s metabolism. The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist uses both electric current and magnetism, which force tense muscles to contract and relax often resulting in pain relief. These combined effects can also boost the immune system.

Is Aculife safe?

Yes. The ACULIFE MAGNETIC WAVE THERAPIST is safe and there are no side effects although inevitably there are some people who should not use it. See below. Over 1 million people have already benefited from using the Aculife and hundreds of millions of people worldwide benefit from magnetic therapy. Indeed, in Japan and many parts of the Far East, magnetism is as ubiquitous as the Aspirin is over here.

The magnetic wave at less than 50 Hz is well below internationally set limits for medical machines. Many other magnetic products operate at between 100 and 500 Hz. The gauss rating of the Aculife is 1-10 MG. The earth’s magnetic field operates at approximately 0.5 gauss

The device has undergone extensive market research and development testing since the late 1990s and also has the requisite patents and safety certificates including EC certification CE 0434 and FDA Approval in the United States.

Are there any side affects?

Because the Aculife works by using magnetic waves to coax the body into improving itself without using drugs or being invasive in any way, it means that there are no harmful side effects. There are, however, some people who should not use magnetic aids.

I seem to have developed a rash during my use of Aculife. Should I be worried?

Some patients may develop a skin rash after a session with Aculife; this rash, although rare, is nothing to worry about and will disappear about one hour after the session.

Can anyone use it, and if not, why not?


  • Use a pacemaker
  • Are pregnant
  • Have malignant tumors
  • Tend to hemorrhage
  • Have tuberculosis
  • Are a child under 3

It is possible that the flow of electricity and magnetism could interfere with a pacemaker’s operation or battery.

As a foetus in the womb is still in very early stages of development, it is standard practice to avoid exposing them to any external stimuli.

All magnetic therapies improve the efficiency of the flow of blood around the body, so it could have the effect of feeding tumors and sustaining hemorrhages.

Is it easy to use?

Nothing could be simpler. No special knowledge is required. The Medical Benefits section of this website will guide you through both detection and treatment.

Why just use it on the left side?

Most people are more sensitive on their left hand than on their right hand. It can also work with the right hand and right ear. However, you need the accessory kit with left and right earplugs to do this successfully.

Will the treatment on my left hand and ear cover my entire body?


Does it work on other parts of the body?

Yes. Since the body is meant to be perfectly balanced, you could use the right ear / right hand combination. But apparently the skin is much less sensitive on the right hand than on the left hand, so the results are less noticeable for the vast majority of points.

You could also use the acupoints on the ear. But the wand is too blunt for the precision that is really needed and you would probably need someone else to apply it accurately.

You could use the acupoints on your left foot. But they haven’t been mapped out to anything like the detail that the left hand has. It’s also difficult to reach for the average person.

Most of the examples here suggest using the palm. You may also use the back of the hand as there are many important points here too. It’s designed for use on the ear and the palm or the wrist and the palm combined. We don’t recommend that you try it elsewhere unless you have the patch system. You should avoid using it on your face, heart or chest. It also won’t be as effective if you use the left hand / right ear combination or vice versa.

Does the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist cure anything?

No. It is not a cure-all device. However, it has been proven to be a tremendous aid to healing and maintaining a healthy body.

What specific problems can it be used for?

There are at least 57 different ailments it has been successfully used to treat.

What do I do if it gives a prickling sensation in my ears when using earplugs?

You should have little or no prickling sensation in your ear. If you do, this is caused by a bad connection in the ear. If you get an uncomfortable prickling sensation simply try a different size earpiece or rub some water based hand or body lotion on the earplug before placing it in your ear. This will normally take care of the problem. If this does not work for you, you should perhaps consider getting the patch system which dispenses with the ear connection altogether.

How does this compare to other products on the market that claim they can relieve pain?

Many of the other products on the market tend to focus on treating the symptom rather than the problem. For example, one person who has switched to Aculife had been using an alternative machine to address pain in the calf muscle of his left leg. This alternative machine effectively massaged the muscle by direct application. However, it did not solve the pain issue because it did not address the underlying problem. The diagnosed problem was sciatica, which was caused by a herniated disc in the patient’s back. In effect, it was what is known as a ‘referred pain’. All the massaging in the world would not cure the problem. However, as Aculife focuses on clearing the blockage in the meridians it was able to go to the heart of the problem and stimulate the release of endorphins into the injured area in the lower back, and consequently the sciatic referred pain simply went away.

Is it good value for money?

The recommended retail price of this product is US$299 but it is available cheaper in some locations. If you were to consider the cost of a single visit to your GP and the associated medicine cost you will pay for your Aculife in just one or two visits. A single specialist Acupuncture session (including the needles) can cost up to US$100. More than one visit to your GP and/or Acupuncturist in a year by more than one family member will quickly see you spending an equivalent amount. And what about peace of mind? – regularly checking your health status and maintaining a healthy body comes at no additional cost. It is, however, not a substitute for medical care but a useful supplement to visiting your physician.

Why would I want one?

If you have spent any time looking at this or other dedicated Aculife websites you will already have found the answer to this question. It is simply the most innovative and cost effective device for detecting health issues and maintaining good health ever invented. It’s not going to eradicate all use of medicinal drugs, instantly repair broken limbs or replace Western medicine, but it does provide a way to maximize your recovery from illness, to improve your ability to fight off disease and will alert you to ‘silent’ problems that you may be unaware of.

Is there a newer version of Aculife available?

Yes. There is a new version of Aculife available in some countries, called the iDoc. In my opinion, it does exactly the same job as the regular Aculife but it is significantly more expensive. I tend not to pay inflated prices for something that is simply cosmetically changed and recommend that you stick with the regular version of Aculife.

What about the technical specification of the product? How does it compare with other Magnetic Wave devices?

Technical specifications of
the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist are as follows:

  • Model Number SMW-AO1
  • Use of battery or mains
  • Power Supply: DC 9V
  • Range of frequency: 1-50 Hz (adjustable) Well within international safety guidelines.
  • Electric Current: 2.3 – 12uA
  • Resistance of silicon: 250-300 ohm
  • Power Consumption: 50mA
  • Gauss rating 10

Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist with Live 50Hz wave

  • Bi-directional magnetic waves between palm and ear
  • Auto locates the correct Acupoints (guidebook included on Acupoints)
  • A preventative measure promoting blood circulation
  • Easy to use (wholly on the palm and ear)
  • No side effects (50 HZ)

Alternative Low Magnetic Wave Devices(100-500 HZ)

  • Uni-directional electrical currents (body Acupoints)
  • Requires experience to locate the correct Acupoint
  • Alleviates or stops pain temporarily
  • Sensitive skin intolerant. May cause skin swelling or itchiness
  • Not easy to operate (only use on body Acupoints)