Get PMT Relief with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist

Menstrual cramps are the top complaint for women who go suffer PMT each month. Sometimes the pain is alleviated through over the counter pain relievers or even prescription pain medications. However, if you knew there was an alternative therapy that was non-invasive, you would try it wouldn’t you? Electronic acupuncture can be done in the comfort of your home with effective results in fighting premenstrual tension as well as symptoms such as cramping.

Understanding Electronic Acupuncture

Based on the ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture, you body is comprised of multiple pathways through connective tissues. These pathways carry energy throughout your body, to the internal organs, skin and bones. When you experience menstrual cramps, pain occurs; this means one of your pathways is blocked and requires intervention in order to re-open the corresponding energy pathway. With regular acupuncture, tiny needles are inserted into key places on the body called acupoints to release the blockage.

Acupuncture practises are on the rise because more and more scientific proof has shown that this 5000+ year old ancient alternative therapy indeed does work. However, repeat visits to a licensed acupuncturist can be costly. With the price of just a few visits, you could invest in an electronic acupuncture device which can help you realise the same results as the original ancient Chinese practice.

An electronic acupuncture device like the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist is easy to use with its handheld wand. This wand shoots electromagnetic pulses to precise acupoints on the hand which correspond to the uterus and ovaries to bypass the pain signals to the brain. Because the left side of your body is more attuned to electromagnetic impulses and therefore more sensitive, it is important to treat the correct trigger acupoints in your left hand.

PMT Reliefwith Acupoint Therapy – The Results

The electromagnetic impulses that your electronic acupuncture device delivers not only bypass the pain signals but also release healing endorphins as well. Menstrual cramps can be treated at the first sign of encroaching pain with ease without interrupting your daily routine. In fact, you can get ahead of your pain before it even starts if your menstrual cycle is regular simply by following the acupoint hand map with your electronic acupuncture device.

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  1. allison rice May 12, 2012

    whats the cost/purchase to have one in your own home for use ??

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