Getting Relief from Back Pain with Aculife

Finding Some Back Pain Relief with Electronic Acupuncture

Back pain relief can be found with electronic acupuncture. Electromagnetic waves instead of tiny needles may be the best bet for a desired alternative treatment.

Back pain is one of the leading complaints people bring to the doctor. You could have simply strained your muscles working in the yard or sprained your back with the latest football game. But accidents and degenerative diseases also can cause back pain. While over the counter and prescription medications may help, you can find additional back pain relief with electronic acupuncture.

So How do You Define Electronic Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is now a proven complementary remedy for a variety of health problems. This practise is based on the ancient Chinese medicine and the belief that the body is divided into multiple pathways that channel energy throughout it. When you get sick or feel pain, one or more of these pathways become blocked, preventing energy from flowing freely. Unless you can clear the energy blockage, you may end up suffering longer than necessary with your pain or illness.

Acupuncture practiced today using traditional Chinese medicine involves the use of tiny stainless steel needles placed all over the body in key spots called acupoints. However, acupuncture sessions can be expensive over time plus some people feel squeamish about all those needles. With an electronic acupuncture device though, you can achieve similar results, particularly for back pain. Using a wand to deliver electromagnetic impulses, you can self-administer treatment simply by touching key back pain acupoints mapped out on your left hand, wrist and palm. These points are shown in the Acupoint Handmaps for back pain shown below.

Hand Acupoints for Back Pain

When you experience pain, body tissues in the area may become swollen or tender to the touch, pressing into one of the energy pathways, creating a blockage. Because the human body is made up of mostly water, it is vulnerable to electromagnetism. When the electric impulses are delivered to the body through the electronic acupuncture device, they travel through the connective tissues by way of these energy pathways throughout the body. The blockage breaks up and restores proper energy flow, and therefore the restorative healing properties.

So how do you get Back Pain Relief ?

When you are suffering with back pain, particularly if due to a pulled muscle or bruising, the area requires blood, richly oxygenated, for faster healing. Unfortunately, the pain and inflammation in the back area can prevent this from happening. By delivering the electromagnetic waves through the wand of an electronic acupuncture device, you can touch specific pain relief acupoints that correspond with your back. This helps release the constriction of the blood vessels around the injured area so that blood can flow more freely, delivering the healing oxygen it needs. The toxic substances your body produces in response to the back injury are also flushed away with the opening of blocked energy pathways.

This electric magnetic wave therapy also causes your body to produce endorphins which flow through the blood stream to help alleviate pain. Invest in an electronic acupuncture device so that you can complement traditional medicine with your own. By turning to this type of acupuncture at the start of your back pain, you can hasten healing and get back to your old routine faster.

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