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At 6.30 this morning my right knee was stiff when I went in to see the little boy. Usual time, usual routine. The only difference this morning was that my right felt stiff. I’d probably been lying awkwardly in bed. At least that is always what I think before I realise that the advent of gout has again arrived. No beers or spicy food for a good few days; just a sunny game of golf the other day that can occasionally cause me to dehydrate.

It comes on quickly. The initial couple of hours really could be just a slight twist of the joint. Then the pain arrives: come 10 AM I’m an hour into work and having sat at the table for an hour or so I find that my right knee has completely seized up. The leg is stuck momentarily at right angles and it takes the best part of a minute to get my toes onto the ground. During that time the pain from the gout in the joint is incredible and it feels like the joint just no longer works. Its hard to walk – but it does get slightly easier when I move as opposed to sit and let the joint seize up again.

And so its time to take Diclofenac: it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory that the GP prescribed me about 18 months ago after I’d suffered with gout for about 5 years in total. I take 3 tablets a day and its usually gone in 24-48 hours. Though the last time I had it a few weeks ago (in my big toe joint) it hung around for about 5 days with niggling shooting pains and the time spent in sandals given that my foot no longer fitted into a lace-up shoe.

I took another tablet at 12.30 with lunch while pouring about 4 pints of water inside me to try to compensate for what may be dehydration and the build up of uric acid crystals in my bloodstream. I’ve no idea if this works but you do pick up various things off the web and various people who have similar ailments – all of which build up your natural response routine whenever it kicks in. After lunch though, the pain is nearing unbearable proportions. My knee has swollen and it no longer just hurts when I try to move – it also hurts when I keep still, which is one of the worse things about gout in that you simply can not get away from the pain. With my second tablet of the day its time to try to relax and not worry about the constant sweating that is a result of the burning, searing pain in the knee joint. I tell my wife that I can’t help out with some household chores – I really can not move yet alone walk.

And so I sit down at 2.30 PM with the Aculife. I’d used it before for various shoulder and muscle aches as a result from exercise, work and throwing a two-year old about the house – it seems to work but you never really know if you would have bounced back to normal under your own steam by the following morning anyway. I spent 15 minutes trying to detect the acupoints on the palm highlighted in the manual for gout. Each of the points for blood sugar, cholesterol, endocrine, lymph and kidneys gave an above-usual tingle on the detect mode. I marked points in turn on my hand using a ballpoint pen and then set about each of the points in turn on relieve mode. 6 points marked on my hand, 5 minutes on relieve mode for each. The sensation in the ear acupoints was quite unusual as well – more so than I’d felt previously when using the Aculife. The tingling in the ear was probably more intense than the sensation in the hand.

I got myself off the sofa at about 3.30 PM and made my way out into the garden. Pottered around, painfully at first and then of course it does get a little easier. The work phone started ringing and before I really knew it I was back on the laptop and back onto e-mail. Come 4.30 I got up to answer the door. The pain in the knee had subsided to the point where it was barely noticeable; it was still there and a little uncomfortable but nonetheless considerably better. Within minutes the pain had all but disappeared. My wife looked at me thinking that I’d been lying about my earlier condition, but in all honesty the pain has all but gone.

Its now 5.45 and I’ve just got up from the table where I’ve again been working for the past hour. I feel as though I could dash down to the corner shop without any problem whatsoever. I can feel the fact that I’ve had gout today. At the extremity of the joint’s movement I feel a very slight something – not pain, just maybe a tiny little stiffness.

Now gout used to take about 2 weeks to ease completely before I started taking the tablets. With the tablets it’s usually gone in a day or two. It can still linger for days afterwards. Never has it just gone in a matter of hours. Gout comes on very quickly – in a matter of hours it can be unbearable from a standing start usually first thing in the morning. But I have never known it to go this fast.

It could be that this time around that was just the way it was going to be. It could be that it was a mild case. From the way it felt mid-afternoon I thought it was going to be a bad one. I’d already tentatively cancelled an appointment for tomorrow AM because I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. It could be that the tablets came good this time. It may be that it will return tomorrow. What I can’t dispute is that within 2 hours of using Aculife I was able to walk unhindered and unconcerned about the house and garden, go upstairs, do stuff and not worry about the pain I’d experienced just earlier.

Ask other people how quickly gout comes on – and then how quickly it can go.


Wonderful results within hours. See story above.

Overall Comments:

I’ve much to learn with Aculife – but it is extremely interesting and I’m getting more curious about it all the time.

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