Knee and Leg Pain – Aculife User’s Experience

Reason for purchasing Aculife:

To monitor my health and to treat a twisted knee

Previous Treatments Used:


Usage of Aculife:

  • Regular checkups for problems. I have learned more about the workings of my body from a couple of sessions with Aculife than previously learned from a lifetime of going to doctors.
  • Used it once per day to ease the pain in my twisted knee injury for a period of 2 weeks


At low power levels Aculife dulled the pain. At higher power levels it removed the pain completely. It also gave me much more flexibility in the joint.

Overall Comments:

Aculife lets you know when you need to see a doctor. Forewarned is forearmed.

Would you recommend it to a friend?

Yes. I have done so.

K. Kinahan

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