Knee Pain – Aculife User’s Experience

Reason for purchasing Aculife:

I actually got a loan of an Aculife machine from my brother-in-law because I was suffering from a painful knee problem due to a sports injury. I was walking with a limp and was experiencing severe pain. My doctor was recommending surgery.

Previous Treatments Used:

Two courses of anti-inflammatories and a significant number of ibuprofen tablets.

Usage of Aculife:

Daily for the first two weeks and then every second or third day.


  • I can now walk without a limp and the pain is absent most of the time. When the pain returns, I simply use the Aculife machine again.
  • Surgery was not required.

Overall Comments:

I am amazed with the results. It seemed to be almost too good to be true. In fact, I was invited to go on National television in Ireland to talk about it and was happy to do so.

Would you recommend it to a friend?


P. McNamara

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