Neck and Shoulder Pain – Aculife User’s Experience

Reason for purchasing Aculife:

I twisted my neck in work and slipped a disc, causing severe pain. My physiotherapist recommended that I use Aculife as part of my treatment

Previous Treatments Used:

13 prescription painkillers per day to numb the pain.

Usage of Aculife:

Using a combination of physiotherapy and the Aculife machine each day I gradually reduced the painkillers to 6 per day after a fortnight and then down to none at all. A half hour session on Aculife gives me pain relief for 24 to 48 hours.


Extremely effective.

Overall Comments:
I was so impressed that I appeared on national television to talk about it. Also, my husband, who suffers from migraine was able to get significant pain relief in just 10 minutes using Aculife

Would you recommend it to a friend?


B. Mulally

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