Non-Invasive Radio Wave Therapy Diagnosis for a Variety of Ailments

You might be wondering exactly how radio wave therapy diagnosis works to detect and identify illness and ailments. While it is based on theories extending from ancient Chinese medical concepts, such as the energy vortices throughout the body and acupuncture therapy related to meridian points, there is a scientific explanation that focuses on biomedical fact instead of yin and yang.

What is Radio Wave Therapy Diagnosis?

Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Radio wave therapy is also often referred to as electromagnetic radiation therapy. In simple terms, electromagnetic radiation carries energy.

For therapy purposes, waves of energy particles, or photons, are emitted via a device with an oscillating electric charge. The frequency of the wave determines the type, whether radio, micro, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma waves, or an x-ray. They all travel at the same speed, regardless of frequency or wavelength. The frequency of the electromagnetic wave determines the amount of energy in the photons.

An important consideration of the types of radiation used in therapy is whether or not it is ionizing. Ionizing atoms are capable of breaking chemical bonds and can be harmful. Radio waves such as those emitted by medical therapy devices are non-ionizing; they merely produce low levels of heat.

Radio Wave Therapy Diagnosis and the Human Body

Human body tissue and organs all produce energy. Healthy tissue radiates a normal level of electrical energy. Illness is reflected by a lower electromagnetic signature, in the form of tingling at the acupoint – feedback from an electrical impulse. This is how an electrical device can diagnose any number of ailments.

Therapy occurs when higher levels of radiation are dispersed into the body, then absorbed. Molecules vibrate, creating heat. The organs will not burn up; there is enough blood in the body to dissipate this heat. Instead, electromagnetic waves cause improved blood circulation, boost the immune system, and positively affect metabolism.

When using radio wave therapy diagnosis, there are no side effects. This is a non-invasive form of diagnostic aid that is extremely accurate. Although it is based on ancient Oriental medical principles, it is a very modern way to quickly detect, and treat, a variety of ailments.

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