Relieving Symptoms with Aculife

Relieving Symptoms with Aculife

The most painful points you feel on your hand, when touched by the blue pointing device, are the correct Acupoints for treatment.

  • Step 1: Turn the Aculife unit into Relieve mode.
  • Step 2: Set the power to a level that is comfortable for you.
  • Step 3: Refer to the Acupoints suggested on the Aculife Handmap, or in the Treating Section of this website. There is an alphabetical list of ailments in the contents section for most common problems experienced and each ailment map shows the normal points on the hand for effectively treating it. In practice, this will be at the points where you experienced a strong prickling sensation from the blue pointing device, when in detection mode. If you marked the areas where you experienced the strongest sensation with a marker or biro in detect mode, you may now easily go back to these points to treat your specific problems, in relieve mode.
  • Step 4: When you have set the Aculife in relieve mode, you then place the blue pointing device against the points you marked (or if you prefer, the points indicated in the Ailment Handmaps)
  • Step 5: If the sensation is too strong, you should reduce the power level. If you can just about feel a sensation then increase the power level. This can be done with the plus and minus buttons just under the screen. The power ranges from 1 bar to 15 bars. Please note that there is a significant increase in power between levels 7 and 8.
  • Step 6: Hold the blue pointing device on each point for 5 minutes. The timer will count down 5-minute segments for you. It is important that you remain on the point where the strongest sensation is felt and this may mean moving the probe slightly around the marked points while treating yourself. Repeat this on each of the Acupoints that offer relief for your problem, as shown on the hand maps.

Remember, Acupuncture is all about balance and you will often need to also treat some of the balancing points in your hand, not just the specific points which identify a problem. You will see which of these balancing points are relevant for your specific condition in the Ailment handmaps. These balancing points are the kidney points, the liver points, the heart points, the lung points and the spleen point.

Chronic problems may necessitate using Aculife for 10-20 minutes each day for up to 14 days before relief begins to kick-in, although it is usually much quicker than this.

Many different people have the same symptoms but do not get the same level of sensation from the Aculife device. In general, the higher the intensity setting when in relieve mode, the quicker you will get pain relief. However, it is better not to treat yourself at a high intensity setting if you find it uncomfortable. Simply repeat the treatment each day at a tolerable level, for 5 to 10 minutes on each point, until the pain is relieved. It is usually better to start treating at a lower power level, and gradually work up to a higher level. The power level required will be based on the condition of your body at any particular time.