Resolve your Sex Problems like ED and Low Libido with Electromagnetic Wave Therapy

Sexual problems are quite commonplace given the daily stress and struggles everyone encounters. Sometimes, there is a health issue causing the problem while other times, no discernable reason exists. Men are lucky in that there is a popular prescription medication they can turn to for erectile dysfunction (ED) to help boost their libido and basically jumpstart their sex life. Women are not so lucky. However, in both cases, electromagnetic wave therapy can help breathe new life into their sex lives.

Typical Causes of Low Libido and other Sex Problems

Men and women may have specific health causes that affect their sex lives. For women, hormonal imbalances are a common culprit while with men, it could be their prostate. However, low libido and other sex problems can also be tied to more serious problems such as thyroid disease, heart issues, diabetes, hypertension, and even reactions to certain prescription medications.

The genital area is rich in blood vessels and very sensitive. When erectile dysfunction or lack of libido occurs, blood flow is typically restricted in this area, causing some loss of sensation. For men, their penis may not remain erect long enough for sex or even to achieve orgasm. In women, without the intense sensations felt in the vaginal area when blood flows freely, they cannot achieve an orgasm or become lubricated enough for pleasurable sex. Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, an electromagnetic wave therapy device like the Aculife can help get blood flowing to the genital area to improve sex lives.

Electronic Form of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is based on the ancient Chinese belief that the human body is comprised of different energy pathways that connect all parts of the body. When the energy pathways are blocked, some type of health problem occurs. Tiny needles are applied to particular pressure points, also called acupoints, to break up the blockage to restore energy flow. The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist uses electromagnetic waves delivered through a wand instead of needles to achieve the same relief.

With the device comes a map of the hand and palm that indicates acupoints corresponding to specific areas of the body. Using the wand, a person with sexual problems can deliver the electromagnetic impulses to the acupoints that correspond to the genitalia. Opening the blocked energy pathways helps restore blood flow to the area, creating a situation more conducive to resolving low libido and ED problems. Magnetic wave therapy devices like the Aculife are exceptional complements to traditional medical treatments, particularly when an underlying medical condition is the cause of the sex problems.

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