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The Aculife Hand Map

We have all seen acupuncture charts of meridians and acupuncture points on the Internet depicting the energy channels through which energy travels through the body. These diagrams tend to be complex and need a qualified acupuncturist to understand them. This can make the age old practice of traditional Chinese acupuncture beyond the understanding of the ordinary person.

The inventor of Aculife, Taiwanese Doctor of Acupuncture Terry Cheng, spent more than 10 years simplifying the art of acupuncture so that ordinary people could benefit from it without needing to go through many years of training. The key to this was the development of the Aculife hand map which depicts all of the organs and body systems in a simple to understand diagram. The Aculife hand chart shows all of the acupoints in the body mapped onto the left hand. Follow the links below to view or download the Aculife Hand Maps

If you have a blocked acupoint on any of the meridians in your body, the Aculife handmap allows you to understand what this means in terms of any health problems you may be experiencing. With light electro-magnetic stimulation of the hand, it is simple for anyone to determine what is wrong with them. This has two benefits. Firstly, it is an early warning system that allows you to bring the problem to the attention of your medical practitioner in a timely manner. Secondly, you may stimulate the acupoints relating to the underlying condition to help restore your body to its natural state of balance while encouraging your body to produce endorphins that naturally block pain.

If you check out the “How it works” section within Medical Benefits on you can view the Aculife Hand Map and see the inter-relationship between Aculife Hand Chart and the human body. By rolling over the hand with your mouse you will be able to see the body part that this corresponds to. By rolling over the body with your mouse you will be able to see how the body part is depicted on the hand.

When meeting with Terry Cheng in Taiwan a couple of years ago, he explained to me how he worked with scientists in Japan and China over many years to ensure that the Aculife hand map was a true and accurate reflection of the body. Human testing over several years proved that the Aculife hand chart and the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, which Terry designed, were an effective treatment for a wide range of medical conditions that anyone can use at home.

Aculife now sells all over the world while maintaining a particularly strong level of usage in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Mainland China. Impressively, the Aculife Hand Map and the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist have been strongly endorsed by the Professor Deng Lianyue, Chairman of the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies in Beijing, China.

Click on the following video link to learn more about the  the different points on your hand, to understand your ailments, and to discover how to treat underlying medical conditions using the Aculife Hand Maps and the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist.


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