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Ease General Aches and Pains with Acupoint Therapy

Whether you overexerted yourself pulling weeds in the garden or just have residual soreness from an illness, acupoint therapy can help treat those general aches and pains. Sure, you can take a few over-the-counter pain relievers but what do you do when they wear off? And, do you know how dangerous overuse of Acetominophen or Ibuprofen can be? By treating yourself with an electronic acupuncture device like the Aculife, you can take care of those aches and pains for the long term.

Biology of Aches and Pains

Aches and pains can occur due to a variety of factors. For instance, repetitive movements can fatigue your body, like painting a ceiling which requires your arms to be over head for long periods of time. Excessive muscle stretching or injury from such pursuits as lifting weights or returning a serve in tennis too enthusiastically can also cause general aches and pains. Your muscles, when stretched beyond the norm too quickly, can form tiny tears causing pain and even inflammation in the area.

Of course, a number of ailments can cause body aches and pains too. Viral infections like the flu or common cold create pain because your body is using all its resources to fight infection. Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints and can hurt to varying degrees depending on the severity of the disease. Basically, aches and pains are your body’s way of telling you your health is not in total balance.

How Electronic Acupuncture Can Help

The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapy device employs electromagnetic wave impulses delivered to key acupoints along the hand and palm that correspond to other areas of your body. Because aches and pains are the result of blocked energy (qi) in your body, the goal is to release those blockages, thereby easing pain.

While you could find a traditional Chinese medicine doctor specialising in acupuncture, your aches and pains could also be served by self-treatment that you can conduct at any time – on your own schedule. You would not have to suffer long through aches and pains if you had an acupoint therapy device like the Aculife.

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Soothe your Stomach Ulcer with the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

If you experience a burning or painful clawing sensation in the abdominal area that is especially awful within a few hours of eating, you likely have a stomach ulcer. While drinking milk or popping antacids can help pacify the ache temporarily, what do you do when the effects wear off? In addition to treatment by a medical professional, you need to find something that will help with the pain in the long-term as the ulcer heals. An electronic acupuncture device like the Aculife is an excellent complementary remedy that can soothe your stomach ulcer pain.

Typical Causes of Stomach Ulcers

Contrary to popular belief, an ulcer is not caused by stress or an improper diet full of sodas and spicy foods. Rather, the primary cause is typically an infection by specific bacteria called h. pylori. This bacteria weakens the protective layer in the stomach, thus allowing the corrosive stomach acids to form a sore, or ulcer.

Another cause of stomach ulcers is the long-term use of NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like over the counter pain relievers.  Of course, alcohol abuse, physical injury and cancer treatment like radiation can also contribute to the formation of ulcers. While it is important to get medical treatment, the medications involved may take a while to heal the ulcers as well as reduce the pain you experience during the healing process. It is for this reason why using a device like the Aculife can be so vital.

Electronic Acupuncture and Ulcers

A stomach ulcer means that one or more meridians in your body are likely blocked. When this happens, your life energy called qi cannot flow properly to allow for healing and pain relief. You can work to re-open these energy pathways by using the Aculife and directing its electromagnetic wave impulses into key acupoints in the hand and palm. With the hand map included with the device, you can accurately pinpoint the most vulnerable acupoints so that you experience optimal relief. Consider adding electronic acupuncture as a complementary treatment to soothe your stomach ulcer and promote healing.

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Ease Vertigo Suffering with Acupoint Therapy

Have you ever had the feeling of being on a tilt-a-whirl at a carnival, only you were absolutely still? This type of sensation is known as vertigo and likely involves problems in the inner ear. There are a variety of causes so it is important to be examined by a medical doctor to pinpoint the culprit. However, once you have a diagnosis and have started a prescribed medical remedy, you can add an acupoint therapy device like the Aculife as a complementary treatment to ease vertigo suffering.

Understanding Vertigo

Vertigo happens when there is a mix-up in interpreting signals in the brain that were sent there by various sensory processes in the body. Your vision, nerves involved in motor movement and even the microscopic cells in the inner ear that detect movement and change in position all send signals to the brain and if communication from one or more of them gets jumbled up, vertigo occurs. Nausea is often a side effect.

Migraine headaches and injury to the head or ear can cause the dizzying spinning sensations as can simple ear infections. However, there are also diseases like Ménière’s which deal with fluid imbalances in the inner ear, or vestibular neuritis which involves inflammation of the inner ear nerves that can also be the problem. Even excessive use of alcohol and certain drugs or the withdrawal from them are contributors. While there are some medical treatments that can ease the suffering of vertigo, electronic acupuncture can help too.

Electronic Acupuncture and Vertigo

Because the basis of acupuncture is striving for qi, the balance of life energy within the body, it makes sense to look to this ancient Chinese treatment. Your qi is blocked in one or more areas of the body contributing to vertigo, and Westernized medicine may not always adequately reach these areas. However, by treating yourself with the Aculife acupoint therapy device, you can make great strides in easing your vertigo suffering.

You can use the accompanying hand map to pinpoint the best areas on the hand and palm in which to direct the Aculife’s electromagnetic wave impulses. While it may take a few sessions, this electronic form of acupuncture can help your body make sense of the signals being sent to your brain so that you can regain your balance and ease the nausea and dizziness of vertigo. It is necessary to remember that the Aculife should be used as a complementary treatment for vertigo, and seeing a doctor for a definitive cause is important.

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Clear Up Skin Problems with the Aculife Acupuncture Device

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t always have to go with over the counter or prescription product to treat a number of your skin problems.  The skin is the largest organ on the body and because it’s porous, it’s important to be cautious about what you use on it. Using acupoint therapy to overcome skin problems could be advantageous.

  • There isn’t an ongoing cost,
  • You’re not using any toxins on your skin,
  • And best of all, there are many uses for this advice in terms of health, wellness, pain management, and more.

Insight into Skin Conditions

Your body is a complex biological machine and it can react to both internal and external conditions. For instance, you may break out in a rash or large hives from an insect bite while other people just get a small bump that doesn’t bother them much. How we react is based on a number of factors, such as immunological response and other factors such as  hormones, environment, and heredity.  This means that not all prescription and over-the-counter medications work equally on all people.

Acupuncture Skin Treatments

For example, both Rosacea and Eczema are caused by inflammation within the body tissues close to the skin layer. You can use the Aculife to direct the electromagnetic wave impulses it emits into specific acupoints in the hand and palm that deal with inflammation as well as the skin.  Because inflammation can be caused by allergic reactions or variances in blood pressure and dilation of blood vessels, you can also target the specific acupoints in the hand and palm that correspond to these particular areas. A hand map is included with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist so you can accurately assess the best areas to treat and detect with. In essence, Aculife allows you to customise your own electronic Acupuncture sessions as home.  

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Calm Coughs with the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

Coughing is one of the most aggravating symptoms.  While you can snooze with a headache, fever or even congestion, coughing is a major irritant that often disrupts sleep patterns and prevents you from getting adequate rest. In addition, coughing is a disruption for others. If you are experiencing a cough and prescription and over the counter medications are not alleviating it adequately, consider using your Aculife electronic acupuncture device to treat it.

Causes of Coughs

There are a variety of conditions that may precipitate coughing. Asthma is a common condition as is bronchitis. Sinus and allergy problems can cause coughing as can a lung infection, pharyngitis and even acid reflux. In order to use the Aculife effectively, you should have an idea of the underlying cause of your cough.

Often times, there are other symptoms presented that can lead you to a potential diagnosis. If you are wheezing and cannot catch your breath sometimes but there are no other symptoms, you may have asthma. Bronchitis may cause wheezing as well as the production of phlegm with your cough. Fever, fatigue and chest tightness may accompany your bronchitis cough. You may develop a cough after a cold, bacterial infection or some other virus.

Your lungs are the primary organs involved when you cough. Therefore, it is important to treat the acupoints in the hand that correspond to lung function. For example, two key areas are located on the palm in between the index and middle finger as well as between the middle and ring finger. There is also a key area on the inside edge of the thumb pad as well as three places corresponding to coughing and respiratory distress on the outside edge of the thumb.

Other areas to treat include spots on the palm for the left and right lung in addition to the windpipe. The Shao Shang spot just below the right edge of the thumbnail should also be treated. When you deliver the electromagnetic current to these acupoints, you will feel varying levels of sensation. You should spend the most time on those spots that experience the strongest feelings before moving to the secondary areas.

Some people may experience relief from coughing in the first session. However, it is more realistic that you will find relief within a few days. Of course, before using the Aculife device to treat your cough, make sure that you do not have an underlying medical condition that requires prompt treatment from your doctor first and have a look at the Aculife book as well. Electronic acupuncture is not a cure-all but rather an effective complementary treatment for a variety of symptoms, including your cough.

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The Aculife Device and its Healing Principles of Yin Yang

Acupuncture has become an accepted complementary treatment for a variety of health conditions and with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, you can employ this treatment in the comfort of your own home. However, instead of needles, you use a handheld wand to deliver electromagnetic wave impulses into key acupoints in your hand. These acupoints link to key body functions, following the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang.

Defining Yin Yang

The ancient Chinese used Wu Sing, a philosophy based on the five elements of life, in their healing practices like acupuncture. They believed the five elements – earth, gold, water, wood and fire – represented the life energies that exist in all living things. Each one was considered contrasting forms of nature or an expression of Yin Yang.

Earth symbolises balance, regulating all the elements, and serves as the axis of the cycle of nature. It is at this time that the spring and summer energies of Yang segue into the autumn and winter Yin energies. Gold symbolises a state of cleansing and linked to autumn when life energies are cleansed and stored for the coming winter. Gold also stands for prosperity, wealth and warmth.

Water is linked to intense Yin energies and winter and represented by rest and tranquillity. This element is meditative and promotes good fortune. Wood represents the spring season and rebirth, specifically the start of Yang, a time of growth. Fire is the most potent of elements, symbolising the summer’s heat and verve, making it Yang energy at its strongest.

How It All Works

Following Yin Yang, each of the elements ties strongly into a principle organ of the body and also ties into balancing body part as well as an exterior manifestation. For example, with the Earth element, the primary organ is the spleen with the balance being the stomach and the external physicality being the muscle. Gold ties into the lungs balancing with the large intestine and the skin. Water directly links to kidneys, then the bladder and eyes for the external tie-in. Wood represents the liver, then the gall bladder and eyes. Finally, fire’s primary organ is the heart with the balance being the small intestine and the external part being the tongue.

Each primary organ ties into several major body functions. Therefore, when you self-treat with the Aculife device, you should determine your primary malady and then trace the problem back to one of the primary elements. Using the hand map that accompanies the device, you will then be able to pinpoint the correct acupoints and treat your condition and restore Yin Yang within your body.

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Aculife – A Great Complementary Treatment for your Alopecia

Many people are self-conscious about losing their hair, particularly when they are still young. A condition called alopecia is the medical term for losing your hair and there are a variety of causes from medical conditions to stressful psychological issues. While there are varieties of prescription and over the counter treatments, you might want to consider adding electronic acupuncture as a complementary therapy. The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist is an effective device that would allow you to treat your hair loss in the comfort of home.

What Many Doctors Say about Alopecia

Many doctors view alopecia as an auto immune disorder that attacks the hair follicles causing hair loss. The underlying cause could be an iron deficiency or an excess of vitamin A in your body. A defective gene in your DNA makeup is another possibility. Sometimes, thyroid function is blamed for hair loss as well as hormonal changes. A fungal scalp infection can trigger alopecia as well as lupus or radiation therapy.

Acupuncturist Views

Many acupuncturists believe that alopecia can be the result of energy imbalances in the body. If those imbalances could be corrected, hair would grow back. However, because each person who experiences hair loss may have imbalances in different parts of the body, using the Aculife device is your best option for self-treatment.

You can use electronic acupuncture to experiment on different acupoints along the hand and palm until you happen to find the areas where you feel the strongest sensation. A handheld wand of the device delivers the electromagnetic waves.

You can use the accompanying handmap to the Aculife to find specific spots which target potential hereditary causes such as kidney problems or faulty release of hormones by the endocrine system. You can target areas of the hand and palm that deal with the skin and blood flow.

If you have an idea of what is causing your alopecia, you can use that as a starting point when you work to identify the right acupoints with your Aculife electronic acupuncture device. The detection mode of the device may come in handy too if you do not have a clue as to the underlying cause of your hair loss.

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Treat Constipation Problems with Acupoint Therapy

Everyone has suffered at one time or another with constipation. Typically, extra fluids, an increase in fibre and the occasional laxative return bowel movements to normal. However, did you know that acupoint therapy with the Aculife device can help treat more chronic constipation problems?

Common Causes of Constipation

Millions of people suffer from constipation and there are a variety of causes you must consider before trying to treat the problem with over the counter laxatives. By far, poor diet and lack of adequate exercise are at the top of the culprit list. You must drink plenty of fluids as well as have a healthy diet with enough fibre to keep things moving through your colon.

Lifestyle choices also play a part in constipation. Perhaps you hold back the urge to eliminate because you want to finish a project or don’t want to use a strange bathroom. Maybe you have haemorrhoids and fear aggravating them. Other health conditions like stroke and irritable bowel syndrome can contribute to constipation issues. Certain medications can be added to the list too. The good news is electronic acupuncture is a great complementary treatment, particularly if you follow a good diet and exercise plan but still have constipation issues.

How the Aculife Works on this Problem

Acupoint therapy devices like the Aculife are particularly effective if you have a sluggish digestive system. By treating the acupoints that correspond to the large intestine meridian, you can stimulate your bowels and unblock chi to get things moving again.

One of the main trigger points for this particular meridian is the Shang yang located at the bottom right cuticle of the index finger of your left hand. There is also a spot on the palm of the left hand which corresponds to your intestinal tract. If you refer to the hand map which accompanies the Aculife, you will be able to find these spots on your hand as well as the specific area on your index finger that directly affects constipation.

Instead of relying on laxatives, which can eventually cause a rebound effect on your body, creating even more constipation and laxative dependence, self-treat this problem with acupoint therapy. With the Aculife electronic acupuncture device, you will likely be able to regulate your bowel schedule, finally finding some relief in the bathroom. Learn more about acupuncture by reading some more of our electronic  acupuncture articles

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Manipulating Different Meridians through Electronic Acupuncture Can Help Treat A Variety of Ailments

If you are new to acupuncture, specifically electromagnetic wave therapy devices like the Aculife, then you should become more familiar with the different energy channels of the body called meridians. Understanding how they are linked, particularly to specific body functions will help you when self-treating for a variety of health complaints.

These microscopic channels carry your life’s energy called qi linking connective tissues throughout the body. This means there are intimate connections to every blood vessel, organ, gland, muscle and even the very elements found within these body parts. There are several primary meridians within the body that you should be aware of as they link the major organs of the body so that they operate in harmony.

Shao Shang

You must have a baseline in which to compare the readings from your electronic acupuncture device. The Shao Shang is your reference point and can be found near the cuticle of your left thumb when your palm is facing down. You touch the handheld wand to this point and should feel an intense sensation. Adjusting the controls of the Aculife device until the sensation is at an acceptable level creates your baseline sensation. Any feelings you get beyond that baseline when you run the wand over your hand and palm will indicate body functions you should investigate further for treatment.

Shang Yang, Shaochong and Guanchong

Shang yang is tied to the large intestine meridian and located near the cuticle of your left hand index finger. When stimulated with electronic acupuncture, you can treat conditions such as fever, ear and teeth pain, throat swelling and other pharyngeal conditions.

Shaochong deals with another major meridian – the heart – and can be found on the lower right hand edge of the cuticle on the left hand’s pinkie finger. Heart pain, stroke, palpitations and other thoracic conditions can be treated through this meridian. Guanchong is located on the bottom right hand corner near the cuticle of the left hand’s ring finger. This meridian is tied to conditions that affect the ear, head and tongue.

Another area that affects the ear and head, particularly for conditions like tinnitus, is Shaozo and the particular acupoint for this is located on the lower left corner of the cuticle area of the pinkie finger of the left hand. If you wish to alleviate pain and swelling as well as heat in the hand and arm as well as the ears and eyes, the shaoyang meridian should be targeted. It is located in the webbing area of the left hand between the ring and pinkie fingers.

To truly treat your whole body, understanding the different meridians is imperative. While the hand map that accompanies electronic acupuncture devices like the Aculife is an effective tool, review resources like Qi – The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness, The Ying Yang House or Sacred Lotus Arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine for an in-depth look at the different meridians.

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Electromagnetic Acupuncture Therapy an Excellent Complementary Treatment for Nausea and Motion Sickness

Being sick to your stomach tends to put a damper on your plans and general well
being. Whether it is general nausea from a headache, a medical procedure or even
motion sickness, there are pills, wrist bands, skin patches and other remedies that
can be administered. However, what if those remedies do not work for you or you
just want a natural way to relieve your upset stomach? Consider self-treating with
electronic acupuncture, particularly the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapy device.

General Causes of Nausea

A number of reasons could cause your nauseous feeling. Perhaps you are fighting
off the flu or some other ailment. Migraines and changes in the weather’s
barometric pressure typically lead to an upset stomach as a by-product. Motion
sickness riding in an airplane, on a boat or even in the back seat of a car can cause
stomach misery.

You might experience gastric distress from anesthesia after elective
surgery. Extreme pain from an injury or even watching someone else get sick can
cause mouth watering and stomach churning. Taking medication to combat nausea
is not always the answer as it can cause side effects such as headaches, dry mouth,
dizziness, drowsiness and even short-term memory loss. Instead of dealing with
possible side effects from other upset stomach remedies, the Aculife machine can
ease your nausea, using the ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture.

How Electronic Acupuncture Can Help

Your body is divided into meridians which are pathways in which your life’s energy
flows. When you experience nausea or stomach distress, it means that one of your
meridians corresponding to your gastrointestinal tract is restricted. The Aculife
device uses electromagnetic wave pulses delivered through a handheld wand to
break up those energy blockages to restore proper flow. Through the use of a hand
map, you can identify Acupoints, or which parts of your hand and palm correspond with your GI tract and treat accordingly.

It is important to note that some people who experience nausea such as pregnant
women or those with pacemakers should not use the Aculife. However, if you
are in general good health, you can typically use it for relief. When in doubt, seek the advice of your doctor about this natural complementary treatment for your nausea and
motion sickness symptoms.

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