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Soothe your Stomach Ulcer with the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

If you experience a burning or painful clawing sensation in the abdominal area that is especially awful within a few hours of eating, you likely have a stomach ulcer. While drinking milk or popping antacids can help pacify the ache temporarily, what do you do when the effects wear off? In addition to treatment by a medical professional, you need to find something that will help with the pain in the long-term as the ulcer heals. An electronic acupuncture device like the Aculife is an excellent complementary remedy that can soothe your stomach ulcer pain.

Typical Causes of Stomach Ulcers

Contrary to popular belief, an ulcer is not caused by stress or an improper diet full of sodas and spicy foods. Rather, the primary cause is typically an infection by specific bacteria called h. pylori. This bacteria weakens the protective layer in the stomach, thus allowing the corrosive stomach acids to form a sore, or ulcer.

Another cause of stomach ulcers is the long-term use of NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like over the counter pain relievers.  Of course, alcohol abuse, physical injury and cancer treatment like radiation can also contribute to the formation of ulcers. While it is important to get medical treatment, the medications involved may take a while to heal the ulcers as well as reduce the pain you experience during the healing process. It is for this reason why using a device like the Aculife can be so vital.

Electronic Acupuncture and Ulcers

A stomach ulcer means that one or more meridians in your body are likely blocked. When this happens, your life energy called qi cannot flow properly to allow for healing and pain relief. You can work to re-open these energy pathways by using the Aculife and directing its electromagnetic wave impulses into key acupoints in the hand and palm. With the hand map included with the device, you can accurately pinpoint the most vulnerable acupoints so that you experience optimal relief. Consider adding electronic acupuncture as a complementary treatment to soothe your stomach ulcer and promote healing.

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Ease Vertigo Suffering with Acupoint Therapy

Have you ever had the feeling of being on a tilt-a-whirl at a carnival, only you were absolutely still? This type of sensation is known as vertigo and likely involves problems in the inner ear. There are a variety of causes so it is important to be examined by a medical doctor to pinpoint the culprit. However, once you have a diagnosis and have started a prescribed medical remedy, you can add an acupoint therapy device like the Aculife as a complementary treatment to ease vertigo suffering.

Understanding Vertigo

Vertigo happens when there is a mix-up in interpreting signals in the brain that were sent there by various sensory processes in the body. Your vision, nerves involved in motor movement and even the microscopic cells in the inner ear that detect movement and change in position all send signals to the brain and if communication from one or more of them gets jumbled up, vertigo occurs. Nausea is often a side effect.

Migraine headaches and injury to the head or ear can cause the dizzying spinning sensations as can simple ear infections. However, there are also diseases like Ménière’s which deal with fluid imbalances in the inner ear, or vestibular neuritis which involves inflammation of the inner ear nerves that can also be the problem. Even excessive use of alcohol and certain drugs or the withdrawal from them are contributors. While there are some medical treatments that can ease the suffering of vertigo, electronic acupuncture can help too.

Electronic Acupuncture and Vertigo

Because the basis of acupuncture is striving for qi, the balance of life energy within the body, it makes sense to look to this ancient Chinese treatment. Your qi is blocked in one or more areas of the body contributing to vertigo, and Westernized medicine may not always adequately reach these areas. However, by treating yourself with the Aculife acupoint therapy device, you can make great strides in easing your vertigo suffering.

You can use the accompanying hand map to pinpoint the best areas on the hand and palm in which to direct the Aculife’s electromagnetic wave impulses. While it may take a few sessions, this electronic form of acupuncture can help your body make sense of the signals being sent to your brain so that you can regain your balance and ease the nausea and dizziness of vertigo. It is necessary to remember that the Aculife should be used as a complementary treatment for vertigo, and seeing a doctor for a definitive cause is important.

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Clear Up Skin Problems with the Aculife Acupuncture Device

You might be surprised to learn that you don’t always have to go with over the counter or prescription product to treat a number of your skin problems.  The skin is the largest organ on the body and because it’s porous, it’s important to be cautious about what you use on it. Using acupoint therapy to overcome skin problems could be advantageous.

  • There isn’t an ongoing cost,
  • You’re not using any toxins on your skin,
  • And best of all, there are many uses for this advice in terms of health, wellness, pain management, and more.

Insight into Skin Conditions

Your body is a complex biological machine and it can react to both internal and external conditions. For instance, you may break out in a rash or large hives from an insect bite while other people just get a small bump that doesn’t bother them much. How we react is based on a number of factors, such as immunological response and other factors such as  hormones, environment, and heredity.  This means that not all prescription and over-the-counter medications work equally on all people.

Acupuncture Skin Treatments

For example, both Rosacea and Eczema are caused by inflammation within the body tissues close to the skin layer. You can use the Aculife to direct the electromagnetic wave impulses it emits into specific acupoints in the hand and palm that deal with inflammation as well as the skin.  Because inflammation can be caused by allergic reactions or variances in blood pressure and dilation of blood vessels, you can also target the specific acupoints in the hand and palm that correspond to these particular areas. A hand map is included with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist so you can accurately assess the best areas to treat and detect with. In essence, Aculife allows you to customise your own electronic Acupuncture sessions as home.  

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Calm Coughs with the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

Coughing is one of the most aggravating symptoms.  While you can snooze with a headache, fever or even congestion, coughing is a major irritant that often disrupts sleep patterns and prevents you from getting adequate rest. In addition, coughing is a disruption for others. If you are experiencing a cough and prescription and over the counter medications are not alleviating it adequately, consider using your Aculife electronic acupuncture device to treat it.

Causes of Coughs

There are a variety of conditions that may precipitate coughing. Asthma is a common condition as is bronchitis. Sinus and allergy problems can cause coughing as can a lung infection, pharyngitis and even acid reflux. In order to use the Aculife effectively, you should have an idea of the underlying cause of your cough.

Often times, there are other symptoms presented that can lead you to a potential diagnosis. If you are wheezing and cannot catch your breath sometimes but there are no other symptoms, you may have asthma. Bronchitis may cause wheezing as well as the production of phlegm with your cough. Fever, fatigue and chest tightness may accompany your bronchitis cough. You may develop a cough after a cold, bacterial infection or some other virus.

Your lungs are the primary organs involved when you cough. Therefore, it is important to treat the acupoints in the hand that correspond to lung function. For example, two key areas are located on the palm in between the index and middle finger as well as between the middle and ring finger. There is also a key area on the inside edge of the thumb pad as well as three places corresponding to coughing and respiratory distress on the outside edge of the thumb.

Other areas to treat include spots on the palm for the left and right lung in addition to the windpipe. The Shao Shang spot just below the right edge of the thumbnail should also be treated. When you deliver the electromagnetic current to these acupoints, you will feel varying levels of sensation. You should spend the most time on those spots that experience the strongest feelings before moving to the secondary areas.

Some people may experience relief from coughing in the first session. However, it is more realistic that you will find relief within a few days. Of course, before using the Aculife device to treat your cough, make sure that you do not have an underlying medical condition that requires prompt treatment from your doctor first and have a look at the Aculife book as well. Electronic acupuncture is not a cure-all but rather an effective complementary treatment for a variety of symptoms, including your cough.

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Combat Insomnia with Electronic Acupuncture Self-Treatment

Counting those infamous proverbial sheep are not going to help you with your chronic insomnia. Even sleeping pills and herbal remedies are only short-term answers for your sleep issues. A natural, long-term treatment to consider is electronic acupuncture. The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapy device is a great choice, particularly if you want to be able to treat yourself.

Understanding Acupuncture Principles

To truly understand how the Aculife can help your insomnia, you should understand the basic principles of acupuncture. The ancient Chinese discovered that the human body is divided into 12 main meridians, microscopic channels in which life’s energy (chi) flows. These meridians link everything together, branching off like a network from head to toes.

When you are ill or even fatigued, chi is blocked in one or more of these meridians. In traditional acupuncture, stainless steel needles are inserted into key acupoints throughout the body to treat a particular malady. For insomnia, there may be acupoints in the arms and legs, complementing each other to treat this sleep problem from several different directions.

Self-Treating with Acupoint Therapy

Electronic acupuncture devices like the Aculife focuses on the key acupoints on the hand and palm as this area houses the primary key areas for the major meridians. For instance, with insomnia, you would want to treat Shaochong, part of the heart meridian of the hand which is located on the bottom right cuticle of your left pinkie finger.

By referring to the hand map that comes with your acupoint therapy device, you can also target other key areas so you can effectively treat your insomnia from multiple directions. For instance, there is an area on your thumb palm-side which houses not only the fatigue acupoint but also an insomnia one as these two conditions are often intimately intertwined.

The cause of your insomnia will guide you as to where to direct the electromagnetic wave impulses that are delivered from the handheld wand of your Aculife device to your hand. However, what if you are not sure what the cause of your sleep problems are? The detect mode of your electronic acupuncture device can help you pinpoint potential health issues that could be contributing to your insomnia.

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