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The Aculife Device and its Healing Principles of Yin Yang

Acupuncture has become an accepted complementary treatment for a variety of health conditions and with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, you can employ this treatment in the comfort of your own home. However, instead of needles, you use a handheld wand to deliver electromagnetic wave impulses into key acupoints in your hand. These acupoints link to key body functions, following the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang.

Defining Yin Yang

The ancient Chinese used Wu Sing, a philosophy based on the five elements of life, in their healing practices like acupuncture. They believed the five elements – earth, gold, water, wood and fire – represented the life energies that exist in all living things. Each one was considered contrasting forms of nature or an expression of Yin Yang.

Earth symbolises balance, regulating all the elements, and serves as the axis of the cycle of nature. It is at this time that the spring and summer energies of Yang segue into the autumn and winter Yin energies. Gold symbolises a state of cleansing and linked to autumn when life energies are cleansed and stored for the coming winter. Gold also stands for prosperity, wealth and warmth.

Water is linked to intense Yin energies and winter and represented by rest and tranquillity. This element is meditative and promotes good fortune. Wood represents the spring season and rebirth, specifically the start of Yang, a time of growth. Fire is the most potent of elements, symbolising the summer’s heat and verve, making it Yang energy at its strongest.

How It All Works

Following Yin Yang, each of the elements ties strongly into a principle organ of the body and also ties into balancing body part as well as an exterior manifestation. For example, with the Earth element, the primary organ is the spleen with the balance being the stomach and the external physicality being the muscle. Gold ties into the lungs balancing with the large intestine and the skin. Water directly links to kidneys, then the bladder and eyes for the external tie-in. Wood represents the liver, then the gall bladder and eyes. Finally, fire’s primary organ is the heart with the balance being the small intestine and the external part being the tongue.

Each primary organ ties into several major body functions. Therefore, when you self-treat with the Aculife device, you should determine your primary malady and then trace the problem back to one of the primary elements. Using the hand map that accompanies the device, you will then be able to pinpoint the correct acupoints and treat your condition and restore Yin Yang within your body.

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