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Calm Coughs with the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

Coughing is one of the most aggravating symptoms.  While you can snooze with a headache, fever or even congestion, coughing is a major irritant that often disrupts sleep patterns and prevents you from getting adequate rest. In addition, coughing is a disruption for others. If you are experiencing a cough and prescription and over the counter medications are not alleviating it adequately, consider using your Aculife electronic acupuncture device to treat it.

Causes of Coughs

There are a variety of conditions that may precipitate coughing. Asthma is a common condition as is bronchitis. Sinus and allergy problems can cause coughing as can a lung infection, pharyngitis and even acid reflux. In order to use the Aculife effectively, you should have an idea of the underlying cause of your cough.

Often times, there are other symptoms presented that can lead you to a potential diagnosis. If you are wheezing and cannot catch your breath sometimes but there are no other symptoms, you may have asthma. Bronchitis may cause wheezing as well as the production of phlegm with your cough. Fever, fatigue and chest tightness may accompany your bronchitis cough. You may develop a cough after a cold, bacterial infection or some other virus.

Your lungs are the primary organs involved when you cough. Therefore, it is important to treat the acupoints in the hand that correspond to lung function. For example, two key areas are located on the palm in between the index and middle finger as well as between the middle and ring finger. There is also a key area on the inside edge of the thumb pad as well as three places corresponding to coughing and respiratory distress on the outside edge of the thumb.

Other areas to treat include spots on the palm for the left and right lung in addition to the windpipe. The Shao Shang spot just below the right edge of the thumbnail should also be treated. When you deliver the electromagnetic current to these acupoints, you will feel varying levels of sensation. You should spend the most time on those spots that experience the strongest feelings before moving to the secondary areas.

Some people may experience relief from coughing in the first session. However, it is more realistic that you will find relief within a few days. Of course, before using the Aculife device to treat your cough, make sure that you do not have an underlying medical condition that requires prompt treatment from your doctor first and have a look at the Aculife book as well. Electronic acupuncture is not a cure-all but rather an effective complementary treatment for a variety of symptoms, including your cough.

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General FAQs on the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

You may think the Aculife is based on science fiction; however, it is an effective treatment tool for a variety of health conditions. Please note that it is not meant to supersede the advice of your doctor. You should get some answers for those unanswered questions you might have about this electronic acupuncture device before you start self-treatment.

How does it all work and is it safe to use?

The Aculife’s handheld wand delivers a magnetism and electric current to specific acupoints in the hand which works to improve blood circulation and unblock meridians to restore the flow of life energy. The contract and relax response boosts the immune system as well as alleviate pain. The device is quite safe to use for the average person but people who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, experience hemorrhagic problems or have a malignant tumour or tuberculosis should not use it. In addition, children under the age of 3 and chronic alcoholics should not try the Aculife.

How long do you use the Aculife and how do you know it is working?

You can utilise the relief mode of the Aculife for about 90 minutes a day, although one 15-30 minute session is fine. It is best to use the device every day for two weeks as it can take time to notice a difference in treatment effectiveness. Be advised that you will feel a strong sensation in the hand at first but this will decrease over time as your treated condition improves.

Are there side effects and will treatment of the left hand and ear really cover the entire body?

The electromagnetic waves delivered by the Aculife are not invasive so there are no harmful side effects to report. Some people may experience a light skin rash after an Aculife session and while rare, it will typically disappear within an hour. Treatment with the device can cover the entire body, because all major body organs and functions can be traced to acupoints located on the left hand and ear. While treating the right hand and ear is possible, the left side is more sensitive and receptive to the electromagnetic wave impulses.

Why do I get strong sensations on my hand or even a prickling feeling in my ear?

Conditions have to be controlled when using the Aculife as outlined in the manual. A strong sensation felt in the hand could be due to dampness on your palm or because you may have set the power level too high. You just also may be more susceptible than others. Dry your hands and make adjustments to the settings before trying again.

The prickling ear sensation could be a loose connection with the ear piece. You may have to try a different size to insert into the ear or put some lotion on the ear plug before re-inserting to ensure a snug fit.

What other things should be known when using the Aculife?

You should not use the device on an empty stomach or when you are extremely tired. In addition, if you eat a meal, wait at least an hour before using the Aculife. Be sure to remove any metal jewellery in your ears and on your fingers and hands before turning on the device. You might want to rest a bit after your electronic acupuncture session as well as drink a glass of water. Room temperature water is best for quicker rehydration. If you follow these tips as well as others outlined in the Aculife user manual, you will achieve maximum effectiveness with the Aculife.

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The Aculife Device and its Healing Principles of Yin Yang

Acupuncture has become an accepted complementary treatment for a variety of health conditions and with the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, you can employ this treatment in the comfort of your own home. However, instead of needles, you use a handheld wand to deliver electromagnetic wave impulses into key acupoints in your hand. These acupoints link to key body functions, following the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin Yang.

Defining Yin Yang

The ancient Chinese used Wu Sing, a philosophy based on the five elements of life, in their healing practices like acupuncture. They believed the five elements – earth, gold, water, wood and fire – represented the life energies that exist in all living things. Each one was considered contrasting forms of nature or an expression of Yin Yang.

Earth symbolises balance, regulating all the elements, and serves as the axis of the cycle of nature. It is at this time that the spring and summer energies of Yang segue into the autumn and winter Yin energies. Gold symbolises a state of cleansing and linked to autumn when life energies are cleansed and stored for the coming winter. Gold also stands for prosperity, wealth and warmth.

Water is linked to intense Yin energies and winter and represented by rest and tranquillity. This element is meditative and promotes good fortune. Wood represents the spring season and rebirth, specifically the start of Yang, a time of growth. Fire is the most potent of elements, symbolising the summer’s heat and verve, making it Yang energy at its strongest.

How It All Works

Following Yin Yang, each of the elements ties strongly into a principle organ of the body and also ties into balancing body part as well as an exterior manifestation. For example, with the Earth element, the primary organ is the spleen with the balance being the stomach and the external physicality being the muscle. Gold ties into the lungs balancing with the large intestine and the skin. Water directly links to kidneys, then the bladder and eyes for the external tie-in. Wood represents the liver, then the gall bladder and eyes. Finally, fire’s primary organ is the heart with the balance being the small intestine and the external part being the tongue.

Each primary organ ties into several major body functions. Therefore, when you self-treat with the Aculife device, you should determine your primary malady and then trace the problem back to one of the primary elements. Using the hand map that accompanies the device, you will then be able to pinpoint the correct acupoints and treat your condition and restore Yin Yang within your body.

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Treat Constipation Problems with Acupoint Therapy

Everyone has suffered at one time or another with constipation. Typically, extra fluids, an increase in fibre and the occasional laxative return bowel movements to normal. However, did you know that acupoint therapy with the Aculife device can help treat more chronic constipation problems?

Common Causes of Constipation

Millions of people suffer from constipation and there are a variety of causes you must consider before trying to treat the problem with over the counter laxatives. By far, poor diet and lack of adequate exercise are at the top of the culprit list. You must drink plenty of fluids as well as have a healthy diet with enough fibre to keep things moving through your colon.

Lifestyle choices also play a part in constipation. Perhaps you hold back the urge to eliminate because you want to finish a project or don’t want to use a strange bathroom. Maybe you have haemorrhoids and fear aggravating them. Other health conditions like stroke and irritable bowel syndrome can contribute to constipation issues. Certain medications can be added to the list too. The good news is electronic acupuncture is a great complementary treatment, particularly if you follow a good diet and exercise plan but still have constipation issues.

How the Aculife Works on this Problem

Acupoint therapy devices like the Aculife are particularly effective if you have a sluggish digestive system. By treating the acupoints that correspond to the large intestine meridian, you can stimulate your bowels and unblock chi to get things moving again.

One of the main trigger points for this particular meridian is the Shang yang located at the bottom right cuticle of the index finger of your left hand. There is also a spot on the palm of the left hand which corresponds to your intestinal tract. If you refer to the hand map which accompanies the Aculife, you will be able to find these spots on your hand as well as the specific area on your index finger that directly affects constipation.

Instead of relying on laxatives, which can eventually cause a rebound effect on your body, creating even more constipation and laxative dependence, self-treat this problem with acupoint therapy. With the Aculife electronic acupuncture device, you will likely be able to regulate your bowel schedule, finally finding some relief in the bathroom. Learn more about acupuncture by reading some more of our electronic  acupuncture articles

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Manipulating Different Meridians through Electronic Acupuncture Can Help Treat A Variety of Ailments

If you are new to acupuncture, specifically electromagnetic wave therapy devices like the Aculife, then you should become more familiar with the different energy channels of the body called meridians. Understanding how they are linked, particularly to specific body functions will help you when self-treating for a variety of health complaints.

These microscopic channels carry your life’s energy called qi linking connective tissues throughout the body. This means there are intimate connections to every blood vessel, organ, gland, muscle and even the very elements found within these body parts. There are several primary meridians within the body that you should be aware of as they link the major organs of the body so that they operate in harmony.

Shao Shang

You must have a baseline in which to compare the readings from your electronic acupuncture device. The Shao Shang is your reference point and can be found near the cuticle of your left thumb when your palm is facing down. You touch the handheld wand to this point and should feel an intense sensation. Adjusting the controls of the Aculife device until the sensation is at an acceptable level creates your baseline sensation. Any feelings you get beyond that baseline when you run the wand over your hand and palm will indicate body functions you should investigate further for treatment.

Shang Yang, Shaochong and Guanchong

Shang yang is tied to the large intestine meridian and located near the cuticle of your left hand index finger. When stimulated with electronic acupuncture, you can treat conditions such as fever, ear and teeth pain, throat swelling and other pharyngeal conditions.

Shaochong deals with another major meridian – the heart – and can be found on the lower right hand edge of the cuticle on the left hand’s pinkie finger. Heart pain, stroke, palpitations and other thoracic conditions can be treated through this meridian. Guanchong is located on the bottom right hand corner near the cuticle of the left hand’s ring finger. This meridian is tied to conditions that affect the ear, head and tongue.

Another area that affects the ear and head, particularly for conditions like tinnitus, is Shaozo and the particular acupoint for this is located on the lower left corner of the cuticle area of the pinkie finger of the left hand. If you wish to alleviate pain and swelling as well as heat in the hand and arm as well as the ears and eyes, the shaoyang meridian should be targeted. It is located in the webbing area of the left hand between the ring and pinkie fingers.

To truly treat your whole body, understanding the different meridians is imperative. While the hand map that accompanies electronic acupuncture devices like the Aculife is an effective tool, review resources like Qi – The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness, The Ying Yang House or Sacred Lotus Arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine for an in-depth look at the different meridians.

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