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General FAQs on the Aculife Electronic Acupuncture Device

You may think the Aculife is based on science fiction; however, it is an effective treatment tool for a variety of health conditions. Please note that it is not meant to supersede the advice of your doctor. You should get some answers for those unanswered questions you might have about this electronic acupuncture device before you start self-treatment.

How does it all work and is it safe to use?

The Aculife’s handheld wand delivers a magnetism and electric current to specific acupoints in the hand which works to improve blood circulation and unblock meridians to restore the flow of life energy. The contract and relax response boosts the immune system as well as alleviate pain. The device is quite safe to use for the average person but people who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, experience hemorrhagic problems or have a malignant tumour or tuberculosis should not use it. In addition, children under the age of 3 and chronic alcoholics should not try the Aculife.

How long do you use the Aculife and how do you know it is working?

You can utilise the relief mode of the Aculife for about 90 minutes a day, although one 15-30 minute session is fine. It is best to use the device every day for two weeks as it can take time to notice a difference in treatment effectiveness. Be advised that you will feel a strong sensation in the hand at first but this will decrease over time as your treated condition improves.

Are there side effects and will treatment of the left hand and ear really cover the entire body?

The electromagnetic waves delivered by the Aculife are not invasive so there are no harmful side effects to report. Some people may experience a light skin rash after an Aculife session and while rare, it will typically disappear within an hour. Treatment with the device can cover the entire body, because all major body organs and functions can be traced to acupoints located on the left hand and ear. While treating the right hand and ear is possible, the left side is more sensitive and receptive to the electromagnetic wave impulses.

Why do I get strong sensations on my hand or even a prickling feeling in my ear?

Conditions have to be controlled when using the Aculife as outlined in the manual. A strong sensation felt in the hand could be due to dampness on your palm or because you may have set the power level too high. You just also may be more susceptible than others. Dry your hands and make adjustments to the settings before trying again.

The prickling ear sensation could be a loose connection with the ear piece. You may have to try a different size to insert into the ear or put some lotion on the ear plug before re-inserting to ensure a snug fit.

What other things should be known when using the Aculife?

You should not use the device on an empty stomach or when you are extremely tired. In addition, if you eat a meal, wait at least an hour before using the Aculife. Be sure to remove any metal jewellery in your ears and on your fingers and hands before turning on the device. You might want to rest a bit after your electronic acupuncture session as well as drink a glass of water. Room temperature water is best for quicker rehydration. If you follow these tips as well as others outlined in the Aculife user manual, you will achieve maximum effectiveness with the Aculife.

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Combat Insomnia with Electronic Acupuncture Self-Treatment

Counting those infamous proverbial sheep are not going to help you with your chronic insomnia. Even sleeping pills and herbal remedies are only short-term answers for your sleep issues. A natural, long-term treatment to consider is electronic acupuncture. The Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapy device is a great choice, particularly if you want to be able to treat yourself.

Understanding Acupuncture Principles

To truly understand how the Aculife can help your insomnia, you should understand the basic principles of acupuncture. The ancient Chinese discovered that the human body is divided into 12 main meridians, microscopic channels in which life’s energy (chi) flows. These meridians link everything together, branching off like a network from head to toes.

When you are ill or even fatigued, chi is blocked in one or more of these meridians. In traditional acupuncture, stainless steel needles are inserted into key acupoints throughout the body to treat a particular malady. For insomnia, there may be acupoints in the arms and legs, complementing each other to treat this sleep problem from several different directions.

Self-Treating with Acupoint Therapy

Electronic acupuncture devices like the Aculife focuses on the key acupoints on the hand and palm as this area houses the primary key areas for the major meridians. For instance, with insomnia, you would want to treat Shaochong, part of the heart meridian of the hand which is located on the bottom right cuticle of your left pinkie finger.

By referring to the hand map that comes with your acupoint therapy device, you can also target other key areas so you can effectively treat your insomnia from multiple directions. For instance, there is an area on your thumb palm-side which houses not only the fatigue acupoint but also an insomnia one as these two conditions are often intimately intertwined.

The cause of your insomnia will guide you as to where to direct the electromagnetic wave impulses that are delivered from the handheld wand of your Aculife device to your hand. However, what if you are not sure what the cause of your sleep problems are? The detect mode of your electronic acupuncture device can help you pinpoint potential health issues that could be contributing to your insomnia.

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