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Manipulating Different Meridians through Electronic Acupuncture Can Help Treat A Variety of Ailments

If you are new to acupuncture, specifically electromagnetic wave therapy devices like the Aculife, then you should become more familiar with the different energy channels of the body called meridians. Understanding how they are linked, particularly to specific body functions will help you when self-treating for a variety of health complaints.

These microscopic channels carry your life’s energy called qi linking connective tissues throughout the body. This means there are intimate connections to every blood vessel, organ, gland, muscle and even the very elements found within these body parts. There are several primary meridians within the body that you should be aware of as they link the major organs of the body so that they operate in harmony.

Shao Shang

You must have a baseline in which to compare the readings from your electronic acupuncture device. The Shao Shang is your reference point and can be found near the cuticle of your left thumb when your palm is facing down. You touch the handheld wand to this point and should feel an intense sensation. Adjusting the controls of the Aculife device until the sensation is at an acceptable level creates your baseline sensation. Any feelings you get beyond that baseline when you run the wand over your hand and palm will indicate body functions you should investigate further for treatment.

Shang Yang, Shaochong and Guanchong

Shang yang is tied to the large intestine meridian and located near the cuticle of your left hand index finger. When stimulated with electronic acupuncture, you can treat conditions such as fever, ear and teeth pain, throat swelling and other pharyngeal conditions.

Shaochong deals with another major meridian – the heart – and can be found on the lower right hand edge of the cuticle on the left hand’s pinkie finger. Heart pain, stroke, palpitations and other thoracic conditions can be treated through this meridian. Guanchong is located on the bottom right hand corner near the cuticle of the left hand’s ring finger. This meridian is tied to conditions that affect the ear, head and tongue.

Another area that affects the ear and head, particularly for conditions like tinnitus, is Shaozo and the particular acupoint for this is located on the lower left corner of the cuticle area of the pinkie finger of the left hand. If you wish to alleviate pain and swelling as well as heat in the hand and arm as well as the ears and eyes, the shaoyang meridian should be targeted. It is located in the webbing area of the left hand between the ring and pinkie fingers.

To truly treat your whole body, understanding the different meridians is imperative. While the hand map that accompanies electronic acupuncture devices like the Aculife is an effective tool, review resources like Qi – The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness, The Ying Yang House or Sacred Lotus Arts of Traditional Chinese Medicine for an in-depth look at the different meridians.

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