The Origins of the Aculife Therapist

The electromagnetic wave therapy offered by the Aculife magnetic wave therapist device is effective for a variety of ailments and illnesses, as per the discoveries of many important scientists and medical practitioners of centuries past.

Truly the evolvement of the Aculife Therapist goes back thousands of years to the practice of Chinese acupuncture. The Chinese identified the system of energy running through the human body and mapped its coordinates between organs and systems and points on the hands and feet. These 12 meridians provide access to the body’s energy, or chi, via pressure from massage or needles.

It was back in the late 18th century that the connection between electrical currents and nerves was first discovered. Beginning with experiments on frogs, and then later on people, it was proven that the human body responds to electromagnetic waves. In 1859, the first scientist used an instrument providing a galvanic response to treat nervous system disease.

By the mid 20th century, electricity was common nearly everywhere. It was then that Dr. Nakatani Yoshio experimented with acupuncture points in response to a direct current resistor to measure human electric current. It was determined that traditional acupuncture points corresponding to various parts of the body were linked, and they proved to be excellent conductors. This, in turn, led to the later development of a device specifically created to test electrical response and deliver electromagnetic wave therapy.

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